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    Okay I have been learning java and using scenebuilder and I thought I should write this down because it is important and I might forget it, plus it might help others…as there really isn’t any explanation about this anywhere online (oracles documentation is very ambiguous and not very good for newbies like me).

    When you are building applications in scenebuilder you maybe tempted to put all your on action methods in one controller but this is not a good way of doing things if you want to make a polymorphic/object orientated program which you can edit and expand quickly and easily.

    That is why it is a good idea to use multiple controller classes and different multiple/nested controller classes when programming. Scenebuilder is…[Read more]

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    This is probably a long shot posting this here.. but im learning java and need some help. I have been using scenebuilder to create a nice gui for a program im coding but I have stumbled on the first hurdle. What I am trying to do is very simple I want to the user to be able to input some text in a textarea and when a user presses a button it converts this to a string which I can then manipulate and send back. As I am still learning I thought id just print this string in the console for the time being. In my controller I imported my fxids that I created in scenebuilder and created the onaction methods selected in scenebuilder. The method that I am trying to run when user presses a button is this:

    void getcontent(ActionEvent event)…[Read more]

    • After a little bit of searching my best guess is that this function/method “initializes data that might not be available when the constructor first runs” in other words because no content is in the textarea when you first run the program/controller this code just stops the program crashing when there isn’t anything in it? I think that’s right.. anyway hope this helps anyone running into the same problem I had because it took me ages to figure out how to make it work.

    • In scenebuilder adding text to the text field in properties will give the text a default value so you don’t need to add void initialize() to run your program. Note that this does not work with just using prompt text. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you :D! I tried posting on stackoverflow but stackoverflow programmers are the most arrogant people on earth.

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    YouTube has been censoring videos again for no good reason! This time its a video published by the democratically elected Polish government about the migrant crisis. For a period of time the video was flagged as being “age inappropriate,” due to the fact that it went against the liberal rhetoric that migration is good. Many of the standard YouTube features for the video were deactivated, including the comments section, sharing and embedding options, view count, and user rating, the video was also unreachable for logged out users. The video is now back up.. presumably after the backlash after YouTube decided to censor the video. However, even though the video is now back up (comments still censored) the video should never have bee…[Read more]

  • Chris B posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    I don’t get why all the Mohammedans are crying and throwing there toys out the pram at the prospect of Donald Trump declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. Israel belongs to the Jews and has belonged to the Jews for thousands of years long before Mohammedans came along. The Jews should be able to do what they like with their own country. For example Gollum (Erdogan) the dictator of turkey has spoken out saying that recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a “red line” for Muslims. and has said/threatened that he would also rally other Mohammedan countries to oppose the move to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

    Here is the news article about it all : https:/…

    [Read more]

  • Chris B posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Media.net is nothing but a scam!!! My site is tech related blog and is included in Google news and gets lots of high quality us and uk traffic to it… I decided to try out media.net aka Yahoo, Bing Network Contextual Ads to my site, but after running the ads and getting tons of ad impressions and clicks I was unable to earn a penny. Media.net set my RPM to $0.0 which meant no matter how much traffic I sent them I would never earn anything. I then emailed my account manager who was very helpful when it came to placing the ads on my site.. but when I emailed him to ask why I wasn’t being paid.. he gave no answer. After doing some research online I have found multiple blogs written by people who have had the exact same experience as…[Read more]

    • @chrisb as the saying goes if something seems to good to be true it probably is. I just looked at media.net’s terms and conditions and they have jam packed it full of ambiguous and unreasonable rules to allow them to avoid paying advertisers such as you cannot place ads on sites “Placed on free hosted pages.” or have “Bulk of the content is user-generated”

      • I didn’t break any of there rules… they just made it impossible for me to even earn anything. Hopefully people will see this and avoid using them and this scam company can go bust.

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  • I used to use them too. They were really good until they got bought out by a big company and now they suck big time. I would recommend Siteground they are a lot faster, more reliable, better support plus you get a free SSL certificate for https//

  • Mr snrub posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Youtube has decided to censor a video by Joseph Watson for no good reason!

    To view the video you have to now be logged in and comments have been removed. The video is in noway offensive and should never have been censored. The video is about Donald Trump retweeting a Britain first video.. whilst Joseph said that Donald Trump was dumb to retweet he also said that the hysterical reaction from the left was even dumber. Joseph also went on to say that the reason Britain first is growing in popularity is because the left is silencing moderate voices into submission and nobody has a voice anymore. Proving the exact points raised in the video Youtube has chosen to censor the video even though…[Read more]

    • This is ridiculous! I just watched the video and its not offensive in the slightest. This is a big example of how the elite are trying to control everything..even what we think! CControl freak, gluttonous tax avoiding youtube/googlers can rot in hell with the Islamists I say.

    • Funny how youtube doesn’t censor anti christian videos or ISIS propaganda videos yet takes this down as fast as possible.

    • Looks as though they have uncensored the video now.

  • Same happened to me just about all my comments I have posted have been “detected as spam” even though they are not spam. Disqus is pathetic for censoring peoples views like this.. bunch of fascist liberal control freaks.

  • Mr snrub posted an update 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    In a recent viral video made by Steven Crowder Amazon’s Alexa spews blasphemous lies as it is asked a series of questions. When asked who is Jesus answers a “fictional character” but when asked who prophet Muhammad is Alexa responds by saying that he was a “Wise prophet…”.

    Alexa uses Algorithms to extract data from Google and Wikipedia and it is evident from the video that these Algorithms created by these tech companies have been designed to deceive and manipulate what people think.

    Crowder at the end of the video concludes, “This is how far progressivism has gone in Silicon Valley. Not only do the anti-free-speech, militant, fascist social justice warriors have to do mental loop-de-loops to try and keep their worldview s…[Read more]

    • That is very disturbing. I will make it my mission to never buy from amazon again!

    • Looks as though amazon has been hiring lots of trolls to discredit the video in the youtube comments. Seeing this a lot recently, whenever someone posts something negative against ones of the big tech companies there is always an army off shills ready to shill on the big companies behalf.

      • I agree lots of shills were saying in the comments that this was faked but then they released another unedited video to prove it wasn’t.. also other people posted pictures of them get the same results. Also why would Steven risk his rep and ton of subscribers on making a fake video that could easily be tested. Amazon just quickly changed the answers too as soon as the video started to go viral.

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    Yesterday, on black Friday I tried finding some eye strain glasses on google. but by the looks of it Google and amazon are fixing the internet together. I searched all night but I couldn’t find any Uk sites to buy eye strain glasses from on google apart from Amazon(I refuse to buy from Amazon). All of the search results that I tried were either filled with amazon listings (one of my searches came up with 5 listings all in a row) or amazon affiliate sites. it is ridiculous. Even specsavers didn’t even appear which is meant to be the biggest glasses shop in the uk. Google has really killed off small businesses. It is all part of googles plan to force small businesses to pay a premium via their adwords ads just to be seen on the…[Read more]

    • I agree, Google are always manipulating the search results especially around black Friday and major holidays. They must be real scumbags that work for that company. I heard that it is run like a cult and they have everything they need in the google campus food, entertainment rooms, gyms.. so they don’t have to leave or interact with any of us lesser beings. They live in the Google bubble and do not care about the rest of us, kind of pathetic really.

    • I can never find small shops anymore on google. Its a total sham and I cannot believe google can get away with destroying peoples livelihood like this. But as it says in the bible Matthew 7:24-27: “And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”

    • Blackfriday/cybermonday for me sucked I couldn’t find any deals. There is a huge lack of choice of things nowadays thanks to amazon killing of competition. I would rather pay a little extra on a small shop website than pay less for something on amazon at least I know that I am helping someone survive and our economy in the long term.

    • Totally agree with this. Been trying to find some simple Masonite boards for painting on for Art.. should be very simple right? Wrong! Google have censored ALL shopping results so cannot find what im looking for at all.

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    If you are thinking about buying from a site called <removed> then whatever you do not! In my opinion this site isnt worth doing business with. Three weeks ago I decided to buy some orthotic insoles from this site after paying £30+ for them.. I waited and I waited but they never arrived. I then tried getting in touch with them to see why my order hadn’t arrived. They ignored my first 3 emails and it was only when in my fourth email them I got an answer. They only replied to me this time around because I warned them that I was going to be taking out a paypal dispute. The email I got back was very blunt and arrogant and said that it wasn’t their fault that the order hadn’t arrived. They did say however that they would send another…[Read more]

    • Just joined utterz to say me too! I bought some insoles from healthandcare.co.uk only for them to never arrive. Unlike you however healthandcare just ignored all of my emails/threats. Also I posted a review on some other site and someone from healthandcare managed to get it removed because it apparently it wasn’t “fair” on their company.. well it wasn’t fair for them to steal my money! #scumbags

    • 1+ this review. I bought a shoulder support from that site and I never got it. I am surprised scam companies based in the Uk are allowed to keep on doing business. My advice to anyone being scammed by them is to contact action fraud.

    • I got scammed by them after buying some insoles. Like most people only bothered search for reviews about this company after I was scammed. Hopefully my paypal dispute will be found in my favor. Now I just need to find out were else to buy some insoles from to help with my really bad foot pain..already wasted 4 weeks waiting on something that never arrived and its getting worse.

    • Just received this in my inbox..looks as though after trying to contact them yet again I was simply ignored AGAIN! So this message is simply a ploy to get me to remove my negative review about them.
      Seems as though they are on the look out for negative reviews to get them removed because customers aren’t allowed a voice. Bad bad. Will remove the name of the company but obviously the ones that have already commented know who the scammers are.

      “Dear sir/madam,

      My name is Amy and I am the social media manager for . I stumbled across your post on this forum recently, and I am sorry to read that you had some issues with your order with us earlier in the year. I understand that you feel the ordering experience with us was not as…[Read more]

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    Looks as though Stormzy is in trouble with the liberals. Back in 2011 he apparently posted some homophobic tweets on twitter and someone found them. He has had to apologize now. Stormzy is a Christian which means he thinks that homosexuality is a sin… but in this day and age when freedom of speech is dead means if anyone even catches you saying this(apart if your a muslim) then you will be hung drawn and quartered. The bible says that this sort of stuff is unlawful, however we now live in a country with laws that contradict the bible and says if you speak out against homos then you are breaking the law. This means English law which was once based upon the bible now is meaningless and has no basis if it goes against the…[Read more]

    • I’m kind of sick of these witch hunts don’t they have anything better to do? These deviants need to get off their high horses. and repent.

    • Same thing happened to that vlogger who was in im a celeb. He was kicked out after some one found a homophobic post he made on the internet when he was only 15!

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    Looks like its that time of year again.. themeforest/codecanyon have lots of sales on for cyber monday! So it looks as though I will be going on a spending spree and will be revamping my websites this week. Honestly cyber monday/black friday week is the only time to ever buy from themeforest as lots of the most popular themes (only ever buy most popular themes on themeforest as other theme usually go dead after a few months and never updated) are 50%!!!

  • utterz posted an update 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Recently I ordered a new computer from pcspecialist. It cost me over £1500 and has a new intel i7 8700 processor, nvidia gtx 1080 graphics card and is packed with a m.2 sdd, making it super fast!
    The M.2 SSD Drive means that booting up my computer and programs literally takes seconds. Thanks to the 1080 graphics card I am able to play games like grand theft auto of super high settings with zero lag…and can render particle effects in Autodesk maya and aftereffects without a problem. Compared to my old Lenovo computer this desktop is just 100x better.. I say old but my Lenovo computer was only a year old but sucked really bad even though I bought it from ebuyer for £500. I really dont think I will ever buy a branded pre built c…[Read more]

    • Seems pcspecialist aren’t very good at delivering all the free stuff they promise. I was sent an email from pcspecialist saying if I wrote a review on trustpilot for them I would get sent a free pen hard drive… never got it!

      • I have been thinking about buying a new computer from a custom pcbuilder.. is it only worth it though if you are spending a lot of money on your new computer? Also can you return it if it breaks?

        • If you are on a medium end budget I would stick with branded pcs. Building your own or using a pc builder is only cost effective in my opinion if you are wanting a high end pc.

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