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    Where is the center of the Universe? Reading a copy of Focus magazine, it says…

    “As the Universe may not have a physical edge, there is no sense in the idea of an ‘absolute’ position. Hence, it is meaningless to think of the ‘centre’ of the Universe; something of infinite extent has no ‘centre’ as the point at which it began is also…[Read more]

    • Think about where is the center of the surface of a sphere.

    • For a simple 2D model draw some dots on a party balloon and inflate. All dots will increase their distance from each other. Now imagine that the balloon was initially so small that all dots overlapped.

      Also, popular science is often sloppy in distinguishing between “infinite in size” and “having no boundary”, these are two independent properties:…[Read more]

      • At the risk of sounding like a dullard (and I appreciate it might not be possible to explain all aspects of physics to non scientists such as myself) – how do we know that the Universe isn’t shaped like a rubber glove?

  • Roku is just so slow though.

    @crud That’s never been my experience, even with quite an old Roku box, and reviews don’t generally seem to complain about speed issues. I think your experience might not be a general problem with Roku. If nothing else, they’ve produced quite a range of products over the years.

  • @logi Thanks. I didn’t realise Kodi was no good for Amazon and Netflix. Maybe I will rethink.

    Roku is just so slow though.

  • @crud Kodi is great for local media, ok for iplayer and itvplayer but useless for Amazon video/Netflix/4oD. Initially I enjoyed mucking around adding new features, but eventually (after about 4 years) got to a point where I wanted something that just worked. Have been very pleased with the Roku so far, mine is quick to respond and intuitive…[Read more]

  • @logi Out of interest why did you switch from Kodi to Roku?

    I have a Roku but I’m currently building a RasPi solution. Partly so I can record live TV, but also because the Roku is so unbearably slow and laggy that I sometimes just give up and read a book instead.

  • @saffy I thought that too.

    On paper it looked fantastic so I bought one, but although the hardware was great, the front end was unbelievably bad, and VERY locked-down. They’d basically taken the already awful leanback launcher, made it worse, then made it impossible to change other than in very minor ways.

    You’d think you could just change the…[Read more]

  • The Nvidia Shield TV generally seems to be quite highly regarded and I think it ticks all your boxes. It’s pricey, though. It’s designed to be capable of running games so if you’re not interested in that then you’re paying for unwanted capability.

    You could probably pick up the 2015 version for cheap on eBay. I think the important internal parts…[Read more]

  • I’m not a prime member.. the last thing I bought from amazon it took quite a while for it to be delivered. I think Amazon does is fixing it so people buy prime. Its funny because this sort of thing wouldn’t happen on the high street for example imagine lots of people queuing at a checkout for ages at a store and then someone with a badge comes…[Read more]

  • I also used to find that free deliveries would regularly arrive much earlier than expected and that was part of the reason why I rarely used to pay for delivery. I don’t order enough to be very confident of a significant pattern but it does seem like free deliveries are arriving slightly more slowly in recent months.

    Can’t say I blame them, if…[Read more]

  • @logi Yes had with other companies a tracking number generated but RM had no record for a day or two. Thought it was RM system that was “slow” to update since I’ve regularly had stuff delivered and it’s been 2 days later before the RM system actually updates and shows delivery details. Never really know who is at “fault” though.

    Ce…[Read more]

  • I’d agree with this, it feels like they’re pushing people towards paying for quicker delivery or signing up for Prime.

    On the subject of prime, the free next day delivery isn’t very reliable and Amazon have ignored my emails of complaint.

  • If Royal Mail is delivering is it partly them?

    @ali I thought that but in this case as Amazon claim to have handed the item to royal mail about 48hrs ago and yet the tracking number doesn’t work on the RM website and they say that the tracking numbers can be generated by the seller before the item is sent.

    In recent experience with RM been…[Read more]

  • If Royal Mail is delivering is it partly them? With the recent snow, not Amazon but I had an 48 hr marked item taking 9 days to come 20 miles by RM when they suspended deliveries only for two days due to snow problems. Also, had other cases where it seemed RM took the time they are paid for to deliver esp if second class.

  • It does depend on which warehouse is holding the item originally. I’ve had several things over the years where it turned out to be held in a European warehouse and the minimum time time even with expedited delivery would be 4-5 days. They were transferred first to an UK warehouse before onward delivery.

    Not that I’m defending Amazon! I would not…[Read more]

  • @matt The current order is sold by an independent company but “Fulfilled by Amazon” which means that the item is stored in an amazon warehouse and dispatched by them etc.

  • Is it Amazon things or marketplace things? Some people get confused.

  • Anyone noticed anything odd about the free delivery offered by Amazon recently?

    I normally go for the free option just because I’m tight and not normally too bothered if something takes a few days to arrive.

    It used to be a case of some stuff would still arrive next day and others would take 3-4 days but I’ve noticed recently that if you just go…[Read more]

  • ME TOO! I bought the game just before Christmas but haven’t played it at all because I would get the “Lost connection to host/server connection timed out” error every multiplayer game I played.. tried everything to fix it but no luck! So annoyed as spent money on a game that is just unplayable (single player is as stale as can be so aint playing…[Read more]

  • I get this all the time and it totally ruins the game. Really annoying when you have just completed a war match and then it disconnects at the final cut scene moments away from collecting my xp. Dont think the call of duty devs will fix this as they are more bothered about selling loot boxes..

  • On COD multiplayer just about every match I try to play gets interrupted with “Lost connection to host/server”, ya know its going to happen when everything suddenly lags and all the other players seem freeze leaving you free to roam around the battlefield then the game just crashes. Because of this sudden crash means all xp and achievements you…[Read more]

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