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    My internet Broadband connection started playing up last week, then on Saturday I lost the telephone connection completely. Open Reach Engineer has just been and found the fault was caused by False Widow Spiders having woven their webs in the connection box where the telephone line enters my maisonette at ground level. Heavy dew on these webs had…[Read more]

    • I was in California for a while at the wife’s uncles and got roped into tracing an electrical fault with the exterior ground lights (large property) I was warned in no uncertain terms to be extremely careful opening up all the junction boxes and digging around in the bushes etc because of the danger of brown recluse spiders, scorpions and r…[Read more]

    • No access to the web?

    • It’s flawed maths. It’s as if the university is open 120 days a week… I have left the lab latest at 5AM and came in earliest at 7AM. Never mind weekends.

      It’s just as ridiculous as the petition asking for HMRC to refund all the tax paid due to Brexit*! I get that the strike is disruptive and attention-seeking, but it’s the point of the strike,…[Read more]

    • This might seem like pedantic hair splitting, and I am not intending to comment on the (un)suitability of student loans, but…

      Students demanding “their money back” show a typically poor understanding of the fees/loan system. They’ve not spent a penny – and some will never repay a penny of their “loan”. So no, they can’t get money “back” as a…[Read more]

      • The UCU has encouraged students to request a proportion of their fees to be returned.

        • Yes but they come from – and should be returned to – the student loans company. This is different to student led calls for “compensation”.

      • I’ll admit I didn’t fully read the article, I took it as wanting a reduction of their fees, not cash in pocket.
        I’d be wanting it, as a skint teenager, having to pay £9250 pa, when academics, with their cushy little jobs striking because their enormous pensions are under threat.

        • But they’re not paying. They’re building up a debt they may or may not have to repay. Some of the petitions show no understanding of this what so ever – eg https://www.change.org/p/the-university-of-york-compensate-students-for-strike-action

          It’s not difficult. I would expect anyone at university to be able to understand it and to struc…[Read more]

        • I hope you’re joking. Even if academics had “enormous pensions”, if you had agreed to do a job and were told that you would be getting a certain pension scheme, then your employer turned around 6 months or twenty years down the line and told you you would get 10 grand less, in your old age than was agreed, you’d be pissed.

          Yes, it sucks for…[Read more]

          • I know, having to lecture and give tutorials with those pesky undergraduates, nightmare. Why have a career in academia when you could earn many more times salary in industry?

            • You’ve described a third of the job. Admin (ever increasing) and research also exist too. Long hours are common, and at the bottom end of the career ladder job security is non-existent, 9-24 month contracts are the norm. I have no personal experience of industry, so can’t comment – I’m sure others can. People have a career in academia because they…[Read more]

      • I paid for my annual southern rail season ticket with a credit card.

        When they were on strike I got a refund.

        I got the money, not my credit card company.

        • Jolly good. As you paid for it, that’s only fair.

          “I got the money, not my credit card company.”

          Yes, but you owed the money to your credit card and short of bankruptcy you will have to repay it generally within months. Not so for student loans – many students will never repay a single penny of their loans as they will go on to earn below t…[Read more]

          • A student has paid for their course in the same way as anyone else who’s taken a loan to pay for something.

            The terms of that loan might be ridiculous, or counter intuitive or frankly nonsensical, but it’s debt.

            I was merely pointing out, using the only comparison I could think of, how it is entirely possible that students could get that money…[Read more]

            • Why do you persist in ignoring the fact that – unlike any other loan – many students will freely and legally walk away without repaying a single penny of their student loan.

              Consider a student who is never required to repay any of their loan, and then has their loan cancelled with no penalty. Have they paid for their course in the same way I…[Read more]

      • When our kid graduates in a few years time with a £60,000 debt at the age of 22, accruing interest at 6.1%, of course she won’t have to pay it off if she doesn’t earn more than £25,000 pa for the next 30 years.

        Then when she does exceed the limit, that’s money she can’t put into her pension, and she’ll be paying more tax as a higher earner.

        • I’m sorry, but what you’ve written is (a) not clear to me and (b) doesn’t apparently address my point that a student who repays £0.00 before their loan is written off does not pay anything for their degree and therefore isn’t eligible for a “refund”.

          My simple point is that a “refund” to the student is not justifiable as some students will ne…[Read more]

  • Anyone thinking of buying insoles from a site called Shoeinsoles.co.uk then don’t bother they are not legit! I bought some insoles from them and they never arrived. Tried getting in touch with them but all emails and phone calls ignored. Now I am down £50 and suffering from terrible foot pain 🙁

    Hope this mini review helps warn others. If same…[Read more]

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    Any recommendations for low alcohol beer?

    Best three I’ve tasted so far are Nanny State (everyone’s favourite), Erdinger and M&S Czech lager.

    • Hmm, they are the 3 I’d recommend.

      In europe most of the wheat beer breweries will do a low alcohol version now. Most are pretty decent but hard to get here (think I’ve seen franziskaner)

      • There are now several websites that will import at low cost if you are buying at least 12 bottles.

    • Weissbeer, I think it’s spelt, I thought was really good, (considering the obvious). Along with Erdinger it’s been my favorite.

      I tried one last night called Bitburger, but wouldn’t bother with that.

    • If you like Erdinger, then you should search out some Franziskaner (A blue label with a picture of a monk on the label) … only 0.5%abv and very drinkable! Probably the my favourite. Also, Warsteinner once chilled isn’t too bad for a 0%er. Both are available in my local Tesco.

    • Bitberger Drive is the best German pilsner type I’ve come across, (Estrella) Free Damm the best British/Euro type drinking lager. Morrisons do the Estrella, can’t find a supplier for Bitberger anywhere.

      Nanny State tastes like fizzy herbal tea!

    • How low?

      I’m looking for sub 4% recommendations. Ale not lagers.

      • Had one last night:

        Mad Squirrel Bijou; ‘Vermont Table Beer’, 2.9%

        Nice balance between malt and hops. Full flavoured, and didn’t taste ‘lightweight’ at all.

        This seems a pretty accurate description:


      • So you’re not after especially low, you’re after normal beers which are at the lower end.

        I used to love a pint of Flowers Best Bitter – not seen it recently but that was 3.3% and a lovely drop of ale. My local has Ringwood’s Razor Back as the pub beer, 3.8% again very enjoyable. Brakspear Bitter is only 3.4%, it’s okay but I wouldn’t want it as…[Read more]

      • Kernel brewery do a reasonable table beer. It’s 2.5% and probably about as good as you’ll get sub 3%. It’s really quite a challenge to brew beers with gravity this low that aren’t either as thin as water or just way too sweet. Nanny state is absolutely disgusting.

        Closer to 4% is fine. Harvest pale from castle rock is under 4% and is pretty…[Read more]

      • You should try some Berliner Weiss beers. They are fermented and soured with a sourdough culture before being boiled and fermented with an ale yeast. Hawkshead brewery do one called solar sour which is 3.3% and absolutely delicious and very refreshing on a hot day.

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    In my area of Sussex there was a long history of iron extraction, and also marl dating right back to the Roman times and up to the Industrial Revolution. There is lots of evidence of these old pits and workings in the woods where they have not been disturbed by agriculture. This history is reflected in many place names particularly Marl Pit Woods,…[Read more]

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    Would appreciate input from any electricians on here, before I go and make a fool of myself.

    For my sins, I have ended up as the chair of the residential management company that runs the private estate I live on. We employ an agent to do much of the day-to-day work.

    I have noticed that our electricity bill seems enormous, and I’m fairly sure it…[Read more]

    • No electrical input, but just to make you aware that some agents have been known to recommend tradesmen who are willing to give them a cut of the job over those that might do a better price. I wouldn’t assume the agent has got your interests at heart.

      Personally I’d ask for 3 quotes and cut the agent out if you can.

    • I’ve just had a quote for our lights. 5 of them £500+vat. That’s replacement low energy bulbs about £40 each.

      The main cost is travelling to site and use of a high lift. Previously we’ve done a couple of lamps ourselves off a ladder but even the one of us who is a builder and does roofs doesn’t want to go up again.

    • Isn’t 28 W already reasonably low?

    • Thanks, all.

      No ladders or lifts involved – these are all accessible from the ground or, at most, a one foot high step.

      I just cannot work out any earthly reason that the answer was not “all the interior lights are already on LED, and the exterior ones should just be left with the 28w CFLs and gradually swapped to 12w LED as and when the bulbs…[Read more]

    • I can’t be arsed to give a big detailed reply here but if you want it done cheaper, then yes it can be done by retrofitting LED lamps instead of full replacements.

      2D 28w LED retro replacements are about £15 quid each max. Emergency packs a bit more where needed. Try CEF for starters.

      Streetlights. LED corn lamps to replace the HPS are £50 e…[Read more]

    • Get the calculator and work out what the annual bill for x lights at 28w and y lights at 9w for z hours per day should be to see if you are being overcharged for electricity.

      £3k at £90 per fitting so say 30 fittings at 28w for 12 hrs per day is 4000 kwh or £500 per year – how does that compare with your bills and meter readings?

      A £150 per yea…[Read more]

      • It’s not that I think we’re being overcharged for the electricity itself – our bills are in line with the currently installed lamps. And I know what the likely savings from switching to LED will be.

        It’s that I think this electrician is trying to rip us off (with or without my agent’s knowledge) by making unnecessary exchanges of entire fittings.…[Read more]

    • “does anyone know if it’s possible and financially reasonable to have the big streetlights retrofitted with LED?”

      Our Government Electricity provider has recently done a program of changing out streetlights for LED ones, a whole new ‘head’ was required because the old heads were properly old. I don’t like them, the pool of light is so bright…[Read more]

  • 1+ footreviver insoles. I wear them all the time for my flat feet and they have helped so much. Would definitely recommend them. I wear these ones!

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    For various reasons I might need to take out a small personal loan – about £3000. Initially I considered my own bank but then discounted them after looking at a comparison web site.

    One that came out quite favorably in terms of interest rates was Hitachi Capital.

    Whilst I’ve heard of Hitach in terms of electronics etc. I didn’t know they were…[Read more]

    • What do you need it for ? Can you get a 0% credit card for purchases and pay it off that way (over 24 months or whatever)?

    • Lots of people will have a hitachi loan without realising; they are one of the big players in retail lending.

      With personal loans, just be aware that loans can be very ‘stepped’ so you may get a much much better interest rate by borrowing over £5000 or over £7500

      BUT the affordability check will be harder for larger loans.

    • Definitely fine as a lender/business.

      For your purposes however, as others suggested, for a relatively small amount like that the 0% card might be a winner. If you have the strength of character to ‘wean yourself off’ credit cards you should be fine to take a fresh one out with a ‘0% for x months on all purchases in first X months’ deal on it,…[Read more]

      • Second this.

        I used 0% cards when interest rates on mortgages were higher, use them to put all your shopping on (note: never ever use a card for a cash advance) and keep the money in a bank account offset against the mortgage. Pay off 1 week before its due. Repeat. Had maybe £6-7k on cards at one point between me and wifey. Its a bit scary, but…[Read more]

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    Nearly run over a runner in the dark!! Dark narrow road, raining, doing under 30 mph (the speed limit on the road). Car approaching me with brighter than normal headlights though not on full beam.

    Just as we pass each other, I see a runner with a hi viz jacket and a head torch who was completely masked by the oncoming car headlights. I just…[Read more]

    • Almost kills runner.

      Blames runner.

      Law wouldn’t agree.

      • so you would deliberately put yourself in a dangerous position when you didn’t need to? And btw, I didn’t even touch the runner, despite his arrogance in assuming he could be seen, which in this case, he couldn’t.

    • The road is wide enough for two cars to pass. So it is wide enough for you to pass the runner without swerving. What on earth were you doing on their side of the road?

      • Err they were running towards me, on my side of the road, as is correct according to the Highway Code.

        Because of the dark, and the on-coming headlights, the runner’s hi viz and headlight were completely invisible.

        • On a road only just wide enough to pass, you admit you were blinded by the oncoming car headlights. So surely you must have reduced your speed to walking pace to ensure you can stop in the distance you can see. So why the drama on your behalf?

          • I wasn’t blinded as such, but I do know the road extremely well, (I live on it) and it is wide enough for two cars to pass. My point is, if I was running in dark and rain, and there was a wide flat grassy verge, I would certainly move on to it while two cars passed each other rather than assume I’ve been seen…

            • Grassy verges are shit to run on in the rain, and at this time if year probably very soft and muddy. All I am getting from this is that you did not slow down sufficiently when your vision was impaired. Roads are generally made 30mph because you can expect pedestrians, and you should have been driving accordingly. If there had been sheep on the…[Read more]

    • Some people seem to have a rather undeveloped sense of self-preservation. They may feel they are in the right – and they may well be – but they will still be dead. As a runner, cyclist and driver I usually operate on the basis that everyone else on the road is totally incompetent and quite possibly out to kill me. It is an approach that has served…[Read more]

      • the problem being, because of the conditions he was invisible, but wouldn’t accept that at that particular moment he WAS invisible, through no fault of his or mine.

        • Exactly. I was not suggesting anyone was in the wrong or that you were incompetent or homicidal, merely that it pays to have the approach of ‘What might go wrong here?’ rather than ”I know my rights’ – which might fit nicely on a tombstone

    • “Would YOU continue to run on the actual road when you can see that two cars are about to pass each other,”

      No, and I would move to the verge for a single car before they would need to start preparing to pull out. If lacking a suitable verge I would stop and take up as little space as possible, assuming I’d made eye contact. This wouldn’t hap…[Read more]

    • Don’t worry about it. Not your fault and the knobjead is unhurt.

    • Anybody who doesn’t step to the side when an approaching vehicle is possibly going to hit them is not thinking clearly.

    • I don’t know of any runner that tries to get themselves hurt when out running in the dark though some don’t do themselves any favours with their choice of route or clothing.

      Hi-viz, headtorch and running facing the oncoming traffic is indicative of someone trying to do the right thing.

      I run about 1500 miles a year at the mo. Plenty of that is…[Read more]

      • Good post.

        I would also point out to the OP, who seems like a good guy and did the right thing, that people who feel they might have almost been killed (regardless of who might be to blame) are often a little shaken up and might not behave as you want them to.

        Well done for stopping to check on them and showing your concern though. I am sure…[Read more]

    • As a runner and driver here is my approach…

      I always run facing into traffic (I’ve had abuse from drivers who don’t seem to like this….). Whether light or dark, when a car approaches me I check over my shoulder to see if anything is coming the other way (this also means my headtorch swings around if it’s dark making me more obvious). If…[Read more]

    • Great to see such a discussion on the finer points of running safety. If you ran along a road at night in Africa you would almost certainly fall into a sewer that was missing its cover and people would assume you had gone mad or had stolen something. If you ran along a road in America at night you would probably be hit by a texting SUV driver or a…[Read more]

    • I don’t like to be visible when running. Drivers do silly things when you are obvious. I agree with the other comments that you have to keep out the way and not expect cars to avoid you.

    • If you’d killed him, I’d have filed under sh!t happens.

      Just his bad luck to meet you at the precise moment you have been momentarily dazzled.

      It holds true that sometimes in life you make your own luck. Running in the dark on such a road is a risk but if you are into your running and that’s where you live, it’s just what you have to do……[Read more]

    • This happened on a road I regularly run on. Motorists are completely unaware of events unfolding right before their eyes and are only concerned with ‘making progress’. Even at 30mph I’d suggest you slow down if you can’t see, you run the risk of driving into the back of a stationary car.

      In the clip you can see the driver was going for the ove…[Read more]

    • Where were you going that was so important that you didn’t slow down when you were dazzled by the oncoming headlights.

      Its pure luck you didn’t kill the runner, how would you have lived with yourself if that had happened?

      • He didn’t say he didn’t slow down when dazzled. I would have naturally taken my foot of the gas at the very least. Perhaps he did the same, we don’t know, but we shouldn’t assume he kept his foot on the gas when he did not say that.

        Secondly, it isn’t really pure luck. He was under the speed limit and was able to swerve to avoid the runner. Luck…[Read more]

  • jam posted an update 1 week ago

    I thought that I could get my desktop computer to knock some bitcoins out while I went to sleep tonight. That was till I saw what hardware was needed. Let’s not talk about the electricity bill.

    • callum replied 1 week ago

      I have a friend that does this, the kit cost him 8k and it makes about £30.00 a day, it did earn around £60.00 a day when BTC was at its peak.

      Probably covers the electricity bill but isn’t doing much for ROI.

      Stick to speculative means I reckon.

      • Jaffa replied 1 week ago

        Wow over 100% return per annum. Or maybe your friend exaggerates what he makes from it.

    • All that computer power power that could have been used for things such as scientific research wasted on mining bitcoins. Its not even as though hardware/graphics cards are going down in price and more powerful ones being developed… bitcoin has had the opposite effect now its so much more expensive to build a decent computer unless you settle…[Read more]

      • nutter replied 1 week ago

        Could be worse and all that computing power could be used in weapons research or focused on taking down a country’s IT infrastructure.

        • Good point. Although the recent NHS ransomware hack which was done to gain bitcoin could be classed as that.

      • Luke replied 1 week ago

        Mining is all a bit unnecessary. Some cryptocurrencies they just release the coins. Ripple isn’t mined

      • troll replied 1 week ago

        Not true. Bitcoin is mined with ASIC chips which are no good for anything other than mining Bitcoin. Trying to mine Bitcoin with a PC CPU or even a GPU is pointless, you’ll get so little it won’t come close to paying for the electricity.

        • Oh, I must have been thinking of ethereum which are mined through GPU’s then.

          • troll replied 1 week ago

            Yes, but it’s not exactly scientific research that is missing out when the GPUs are used to mine Ethereum. Maybe there’s a net economic benefit from all those scientific researchers spending less time gaming.

    • jack replied 1 week ago

      The Environmental cost of datacentres has been reported for some time.


      Who’d ha thunk it?

    • mo replied 1 week ago

      Presumably Moore’s law applies to the ASIC chips, and if Moore’s law fails as many are predicting the cost of mining could become prohibitive.

      • mike replied 1 week ago

        Just wait for quantum computing

        • harry replied 1 week ago

          Why would that make mining easier?

          I’m guessing with quantum computing, it will make the problems just as complex that it would even itself out in difficulty to solve the mathematical mining.

          • mike replied 1 week ago

            Yes but the point is quantum computing will break through the Moore’s law technological/physics plateau.

            • Quantum computers are good at certain things, like factorizing, because there are algorithms that are inherently quantum in nature that can efficiently factorize.

              There is a misconception that quantum computers will be able to run existing (classical) algorithms much faster than existing (classical) computers, which is just not correct; in fact…[Read more]

      • The way it works is the difficulty of mining scales automatically to reflect the mining capacity (network hash rate). So if someone comes out with better mining ASICs then after a few months the amount of work to receive a certain amount of coins is increased. If the network hash rate stopped growing then the difficulty would not be increased.…[Read more]

  • Jaffa posted an update 1 week ago

    Just read an interesting article about people parking on your property and then buggering off until they are ready to return and drive off.

    Turns out you don’t have many legal options to stop this happening or removing the vehicle.

    So, what legal options do you have to make their actions as time consuming as possible?

    I thought about screwing…[Read more]

    • nutter replied 1 week ago


      Fair play to her.

      I assume you could just block the offender in with another car, which is what I’d be inclined to do if I was in this situation. I think you’d only be at fault if you where in turn blocking…[Read more]

    • callum replied 1 week ago

      I would have thought that if the car was actually on your (private) land, and that the drive is not a public right of way, then you would be entitled to use minimum resources to remove it from your land, just like you can use “minimum force” to eject an intruder.

      • How would you do this without damaging the clutch if in gear or the handbrake if you pushed the vehicle?

        • callum replied 1 week ago

          ou won’t damage a clutch, or handbrake by physically dragging a parked car though I wouldn’t be so sure an auto-box in park would stand for much abuse. Biggest problem is finding anywhere you can pull or push hard enough without causing damage. Tyres will suffer first if you do get it moving.

          The cleanest solution for moving immobile cars without…[Read more]

      • bill replied 1 week ago

        The law is on the side of the owner of the parked vehicle.
        All they’re doing as far as the Police are concerned is trespassing – which is a civil offence and not a criminal one. Obstructing and/or damaging the vehicle concerned is a criminal offence and therefore the Police might well take an interest.
        What’s needed, apart from a law change, is a…[Read more]

    • don replied 1 week ago

      I don’t see how moving the air that is inside their tyres back into atmosphere could be construed as an offence.

      • Luke replied 1 week ago

        Criminal damage. Immediately inflate again or arrest.

        • don replied 1 week ago

          How is deflating a car tyre criminal damage – can you prove this? Its not like you are stealing air?

          And if it is considered illegal then how do they prove who deflated the tyres – tyres deflate naturally.

          • Luke replied 1 week ago

            Flat tyres can crease and crack. Even if they don’t take harm arguably you’ve damaged the car as a usable entity albeit non-permanently. It’s odd but tyres don’t tend to spontaneously deflate in fours except around irritated people. Anyway, letting tyres down is a very bad idea if there’s a risk someone may drive off without noticing, I once had…[Read more]

    • Luke replied 1 week ago

      The police (in my experience) take the view that any sort of obstruction must be removed immediately or they will arrest the person they judge responsible.

      • Depends on the plod. Its a civil matter and you could be at risk of being accused of theft by stopping the person retrieving their property.

        You really have few rights.

      • SAFFY replied 1 week ago

        Interestingly it is a civil not a police matter. If you lock a gate to block the car in then you may be guilty of withholding property. Similarly if you damage the vehicle. However blocking by use of soil or a car etc. is not as you may have legitimate reasons for doing so. A pile of gravel with a spade is not withholding property as they have the…[Read more]

    • berty replied 1 week ago

      If you can, put some gates up. If it happens again, lock them.

      Otherwise, I’d get a trolley jack, Lift the back end of the car up and so far as I was able to, get it off my property – though I’d probably call the local cop shop first, explain the situation, tell them what I was going to do and that they might expect a complaint later in the day.

      • mel replied 1 week ago

        Not a solicitor but this could be interpreted as withholding the car behind locked gates.

        “With the intention of permanently depriving the other of it”.

        (1)A person appropriating property belonging to another without meaning the other permanently to lose the thing itself is nevertheless to be regarded as having the intention of permanently dep…[Read more]

      • mo replied 1 week ago

        They’re trespassing and therefore it’s a civil offence. If you block them in (obstruction) and/or damage the vehicle it’s a criminal offence.

        • Jaffa replied 1 week ago

          Surely their car is also obstruction in a lot of cases? If it isn’t it’s not hard to concuct a legitimate case where it is?

          The laws I have so far found on obstruction seem worded to only apply to roads, not driveways. If anyone wants to cite the law and section that does apply, that would be useful.

          • jack replied 1 week ago

            This is the bit I’m struggling with here too.

            So if, by parking on my drive, they prevent me from being able to open my garage door, then they’re committing the criminal offence of obstructing because I can’t get my motorbike out, no?

            But if I didn’t have a motorbike and tried the same argument with my pushbike, any workshy officer would point…[Read more]

            • guy replied 1 week ago

              If you park your car across the drive on the highway you’re causing an obstruction. That works both ways. If you block someone in or they block you in.

              You’re not obstructing the public highway if you’re on your own land or if someone else has parked on your land.

              You have grounds for obtaining the registered keepers details from the DVLA if it…[Read more]

          • mo replied 1 week ago

            I think we really need someone who actually knows what they’re talking about to clarify things.
            But, I’m assuming ‘Obstruction’ is quite a specific definition and that once on private land most offences are covered by trespass, even if in reality they are causing an obstruction (small ‘o’).
            The law about Obstructing a driveway seems to be one of…[Read more]

      • matt replied 1 week ago

        My advice if one locks gates on a parked car would be first to apologise for locking the gates but you only did it for security reasons. Then tell that you will let them out straight away but first you have to find the key (takes ages). Having found the key loudly state that you will not keep them any longer, apologise for any inconvenience and…[Read more]

    • troll replied 1 week ago

      Put up a notice informing them of the car parking charges that you will apply.

      They’ll ignore it and eventually you’ll end up having to go to the high court where they’ll retrieve your money for you – for a small fee.

      Seen it all on daytime TV.

    • Ali replied 1 week ago

      Not really the same admittedly, but we have a situation with our neighbour.

      Our front garden is a sort of “L” shape with one side of the “L” forming our frontage. The other side of the “L” runs for about fifteen feet along the side of the neighbour’s garden and is about ten feet across from the pavement to the neighbour’s boundary.

      His son has…[Read more]

    • ted replied 1 week ago

      From reading this post, I’m surprised the owner of the drive has so little legal rights in this situation. Surely people can’t just park their car on someone else’s private property, using up their private car parking space and get away with it?

      If it was me I wouldn’t be very happy about it. If it persisted I’d leave a sign out saying cars…[Read more]

    • kal replied 1 week ago

      A few lumps of rotten fish or cat urine put through the bonnet vents would be easy to do.

      All these people saying You can’t do that it’s illegal, like deflating the tyres, Do you really think the police nowadays have time for this petty stuff?

      • oldguy replied 1 week ago

        You would think but the police are very petty. Here’s a true story from a couple years back when I had some one park on my driveway.

        1) I put a polite note to the guy behind his wipers. He screwed it up and threw it at my front door.

        2) Asked him nicely.

        3) Wrote “Do not park here”on his windscreen. Two police arrived and said they were…[Read more]

    • ben replied 1 week ago

      The correct course of action if someone is parking on your driveway without your permission is to make notes and take photos of the car every time they park there.

      Place a note on the windscreen explaining they are parking on private property and to remove their vehicle as soon as possible. Also state that if they continue to park then they are…[Read more]

    • harry replied 1 week ago

      What about two big, sturdy steel stakes fixed into the ground just ever-so slightly further apart than the width of the car? They could of course get it out if they wanted to, but it would be very difficult to do without them removing a large amount of paint.

      I realize that laws occasionally have an apparent loop hole to prevent their abuse for…[Read more]

      • flyguy replied 1 week ago

        A man smashed a side window and was searching my car in a back street when I approached. He chased me to the main road with an 18 inch blade. The police took an hour to arrive and were not really interested. But when Mr Nasty rang to say I had written on his windscreen with a felt tip pen, instead of laughing, they sent 2 officers. So why…[Read more]

        • harry replied 1 week ago

          They very possibly would. It was not a really serious suggestion. It seems that common sense would say that if someone wilfully parks on your private property without your consent, then there would be some action which you could take. I assume there’s a good reason why not – that it would leave a loophole for someone unscrupulous to exploit, but I…[Read more]

    • mutt replied 1 week ago

      A few other thoughts.

      Hang a bird feeder over the drive. Where birds will poop on the car.

      dump soil etc infront of car. When owner turns up apologise profusely for the error your gardener made. Hand them a shovel explaining that you have a bad back.

      Carefully remove the wing mirrors from your car and report them stolen to the police (do this…[Read more]

    • nev replied 1 week ago

      My daughter ‘wrapped an ‘offending’ car in cling film, when a car was parked on part of our drive way. She’d called the police and they stated there was nothing they could do, and warned of the criminal damage issue, around any action she took. DVLA were unable at that point to help much.

      Several 100 meters of cling film wrapped round all doors…[Read more]

    • Our local authority uses the JustPark app. I see on that that you can rent out your own parking space. I haven’t looked into it, but if someone were parking on my drive (If I had one, that is. Anyway, how bloody rude, even on my virtual drive!) I imagine I could set it up on the app with a stiff parking rate. At least a tenner a day. How one…[Read more]

    • George replied 1 week ago

      I’d be inclined to leave flowers under the wipers with a note;

      “My dearest, my primal destiny is now complete, you have come into my life just as foretold. I know you have found me now and when time, tides and stars align we will be together. For Ever and Ever and Ever. Your (insert colour of car here) chariot has delivered you, my planetary…[Read more]

    • mike replied 1 week ago

      A few years ago I used to work in stage lighting, and it wasn’t uncommon to arrive at a theatre at 6am to load in and find some git parked (illegally) in the way. The police never did anything, and even if they were willing we couldn’t afford to wait for them to tow it away. We just dealt with it, by a bunch of guys bouncing it down the road, or…[Read more]

    • el replied 1 week ago

      Stick a polite note on the windscreen asking the driver not to do it again and video the reaction from a safe distance. If they do it again get documentary evidence of the problem then complain to the Police. Record them saying no criminal act has been committed so they can’t do anything.

      So far so boring… now the clever* bit.

      Stick a GPS…[Read more]

    • In this country you are allowed, by law, to use “reasonable force” to eject an intruder – which is why I cannot understand why you cannot use “reasonable means” to remove a vehicle from your driveway…

    • Hi @jaffa I thought id share a little annecdote with you.

      Maybe five years ago now, a man parked a large van on my driveway. I had been at a football match for a few hours and just got home, Anyway, I pulled up to park only to find my driveway full. So I pulled into my drive as best I could, before I began to slash the culprits tires (if you only…[Read more]

  • nutter replied to the topic How long do SD cards last? in the forum General Chat 1 week ago

    I suspect they have a very long life if you use them for WORM

    (Write Once, Read Many). I have many that have been written once and I suspect they probably might be safer than flimsy/quickly obsolete optical or mechanically sensitive magnetic storage

    I would anticipate refresh once every few years by reformat and bulk copy

  • Quick questions

    Before switching, how do I find out what customer service is like?

    Do I pay any exit penalties to switch broadband?

    What are my rights if my provider hikes prices?

  • Not sure if this has been mentioned already but I had the same experience with Virgin last week. Rang up to get a better deal and they told me I couldn’t.

    Shopped around to get something better, rang up to cancel my Virgin package (£56 for TV, phone and 50Mbps broadband) and the cancellation team gave me broadband only at 100Mbps for £30, and o…[Read more]

  • I cancelled my contract with Virgin as I was moving to a new house where they did not offer service. Unfortunately, the person on the other end must have been too busy doing bong hits and didn’t actually cancel my service and the first I knew was several months later when they had supposedly turned my account over to a debt collector. Or not, as…[Read more]

  • @scarymary

    “Under rules from regulator Ofcom, if the contract was taken out after 23 Jan 2014, if your landline, broadband or mobile (but not TV) firm raises prices without warning you before you signed up then you are allowed to leave penalty-free.

    But do check the T&C’s as providers may state in there that they reserve the right to hike…[Read more]

  • Also people may like to know that if your provider puts up your costs Mid Contract you do have 30 days to cancel your contract. Meaning either a new provider or at least a chance to negotiate.

    @don I was intrigued by this so I just rang Sky about a potential Broadband+line contract. The salesperson did say that if the price of the contract did…[Read more]

  • Ali replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 1 week, 1 day ago

    Even if acupuncture is just a placebo…placebo’s a very real effect and doesn’t require you to believe in it or hope it works, and it has a valid place in treating many problems.

    Or it could also just be distraction – the mind does funny things, and you may, say, have been physically unable to extend it for a while, then just ‘learned’ that…[Read more]

  • millie replied to the topic Does acupuncture work? in the forum Health 1 week, 1 day ago

    Currently undergoing acupuncture (4 sessions) in my ears for hot flushes. It’s reported as having a 75% success rate, so worth a try. After the first week, the flushes stopped. After the second week, they were back as previously! Now on week 3, and they’re still here, but I’ll carry on for the full treatment to see what happens. And yes, it…[Read more]

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