Drawing a hand in photoshop!

I thought I would just post these hand studies that I created in photoshop using my cintiq 27qhd to help people who maybe Struggling with drawing hands.
The hand is a very expressive and can portray an array of different emotions just on its own.

Whenever you are drawing the hand it is vital to draw the bones and ligaments in proportion and the proper mechanics of the hand. If you draw the bones in positions that you cannot replicate on your own hand your drawing will look both awkward and just plain wrong. Remember also that as with all drawing it is important to imagine what you can both see and what you cannot see to be able to suggest mass to illustrate the form of the hand properly.

Here are two animated gifs to show my drawing process from start to finish.

drawing-hands2 drawing-hands6

If you have any questions or requests for another drawing how to post please post below!

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