Dog saves baby deer from drowning in lake

In possibly the cutest thing ever captured on video Storm the dog saw a baby deer drowning in the river so decided to dive in to save it. The incident occurred when Strom’s owner Mike Freeley was walking storm and his other dogs along a lake in Strong Island when storm suddenly decided to take a dip. Storm then carefully dragged a disorientated baby deer from the water and then gently licked the baby deer to check if it was okay. As rescuers arrived however the baby deer got spooked and then ran back into theriver and needed saved by a human instead. Storms heroic and INTELIIGENT behaviour was captured by his human owner captured onvideo which you can watch below. It is unclear how the deerended up in the water in the first place but it is thought that something must have spooked the baby deer which caused it to run intothe water. The baby deer is now being treated at the local Animal Rescue centre where it is expected to make a full recovery.

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