Review: is a scam does not payout! is a scam website. I was looking for good alternatives to google adsense (not because my site was banned from google adsense but because I don’t not agree with Googles lack of morals) and found and after reading a few positive reviews online I decided to sign up. Turns out these positive reviews were disingenuous, often created by people who work for or by people who are part of their affiliate scheme who get a commission to suck people into signing up to their ad program.

My site is over 10 years old, has a very powerful backlink profile that helps it to rank high in the search engines for numerous different keywords meaning I gets lots of high quality traffic from search engines. Ranking both evergreen articles and news articles in google news covering a wide variety of different topics. My site gets over 8,000 real visitors each day most of which like the content I write and engage in the site, writing comments and sharing my content on social media. However reckons that my traffic is low quality and thus puts my RPM at $0.0, this means no matter how much impressions my ads get I will never make a penny. After having the ads on my site and generating over 200,000 ad impressions l earnt $0!!!!!! If you email your designated “Associate Manager” about any of these issues they simply ignore you.

This is a very clever strategy from media .net as it enables them to get essential free advertising!

Turns out im not the only one this has happened too. Searching online and looking past the shill reviews online about you quickly find MANY online posts from webmasters complaining about the same kind of scenario. In some cases you will find some webmasters saying that they did manage to earn some money with but after working hard to reach the minimum payout needed simply bans their account and does not pay them anything.It is therefore evident that is nothing more than a con designed to make it near impossible to reach the minimum payout and for those who do their accounts are simply banned for no reason apart from media.nets greed.

Here are just a few examples of this ad network scamming people: <<<< Hit with $0 rpm essentially making their site a free traffic source for ads. <<<< thread filled with people complaining about how they got scammed by this company <<<<< Proffesional blogger complaining about how RPM set to zero...making having ads pointless. <

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  1. FYI, I have since totally given up with ads.. if you have ads on your site the ad company more or less owns your site and dictates to you what you can and cannot have on your site. So if you are right wing you will quickly get banned if you offend liberals.

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