Assassins Creed Origins review!

Recently I received a free copy of Assassins Creed Origins after buying a Samsung Evo 850 SDD from pcworld. After playing the game for a while I have to say that the game is a very superficial and lacks substance. The game may have amazing graphics but gameplay wise it is very much lacking.

When you first start up the game you are met with a liberal message or rather a warning that the game is going to suck:

This message by ubisoft is very pointless and condescending…maybe if Ubisoft focused more on getting the most talented people to build their games rather than meeting a diversity quota the game might actually be good!

It is hard to start writing a review on a game when the game is so boring and has so much wrong with it. For starters the games plot does not make any real sense whatsoever… all I got from it was that you are playing a Jihadi in ancient Egyptian times killing the so called “bad people”.

Fighting enemies can get pretty boring fast as they all look and act the same. The enemies AI is just dumb, more often than not if you are being hunted by a group of enemies all it takes for you to get away from them is to hide in the long grass for a while. Fighting enemies doesn’t get much better once you have fought one enemy you have basically fought them all, with jam blood effects lack of fighting moves/weapons/effects along with rigid controls makes for a poor and tiresome experience.

Whilst the scenery looks incredible (a good graphics card will be needed) everything else is very much very dull and boring. For example apart from being able to climb everything in the world.. you cannot interact with anything around you. For example the civilians that populate the world use the exact same animations and react exactly the same way if you punch them ie they look shocked and then run away. To make up for the boring monotony of fighting with the boring dull enemies in the game you maybe tempted to wreak havoc on the villagers instead.. but I have news for you YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED. Remember this game is made by liberals so you are not allowed to do anything that they do not want. If you decide to kill a few too many civilians you become “desynthesized” and die.. villagers don’t even fight back if you are unarmed and punch them, every single villager in the game is a coward.

The only good fighting that I have had in this game is fighting animals such as the hyenas which will randomly attack you in the wilderness. There are lots of different animals that you will come across in the open world but many will just be harmless and a tad dumb.

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There really isn’t much else to say about this game.. it is just boring and not worth buying.

Assassins Creed Origins review!
Looks good but little to do!
Great graphics but poor and repetitive game play makes this game boring to play!
Great Graphics
Vast world to discover
Dumb A.I
Cannot interact with hardly anything.
Rubbish storyline
Boring game play

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