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The Amazon echo is the latest “innovation” if you can call it that from Amazon. It lets users do a variety of stuff (albeit stuff you can already do using other gadgets you will have lying around the house) such as setting reminders for things, playing music, searching the internet and ordering stuff from amazon (OFTEN THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM AMAZON CAN FIND). In other words this smart gadget serves little purpose other than to serve Amazon. It is designed to spy on you and your family and trap you into buying everything from Amazon using their prime service.

To be honest this device is nothing more than a spying device. If you like spending £89.99 to have your home invaded by a multi billion dollar tech giant then go for it? The CIA $600 million cloud computer contract with Amazon and in a viral video a woman asked Alexa if it was connected to the CIA and mysteriously the device shut off. In my opinion it is not too far fetched that amazon would use this gadget to spy on you and your family. After all recording your private conversations, tracking what you buy online, what you interests are, and who you communicate is some very lucrative data for them to get their hands on either for their own gain or to pass on to the CIA.
Even if you do not care that Amazon might be spying on you and your family, you might care about what about the immoral things that Amazon does as a company. Amazon is destroying small businesses worldwide, using aggressive anti competitive practices to crush competition such as avoiding paying billions in taxes (money that could have been used to provide vital services in your country.) or using vast wealth and infrastructure to take a loss of the sale of products to crush competition only to increases prices once the competition has been swallowed up.

Available in two different sizes the echo and the echo dot.

A lot of the stuff you can do with Alexa you can already do with most gadgets you will have lying around your house without having to splash the cash.
Whilst talking to a robot is fun at first, the novelty of talking to Alexa quickly grows thin and at the end of the day Alexa is just another novelty item, that will be left unused and gathering dust next to your TV and of course secretly spying on whilst its at it. Just like the other smart home devices amazon echo comes equipped with a whole host of pointless features that can be achieved using gadgets that you will most likely already have lying around your house. This makes this device pointless and serves amazon more than it serves you!

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Amazon echo review
Amazon echo is just bad!
This device begs the simply question of what can you do with it that you couldn't otherwise have done before?
Looks ugly
Most functions can be accomplished using gadgets you will already own!
Allows Amazon to spy on everything you do.

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