Top 5 best insoles for plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful condition that can cause a sharp pain in the arches of your foot. This pain is usually worse first thing in the morning when you are taking your first steps of the day, the pain will also usually subside with activity. This injury is more commonly found in the elderly, people who are obese and athletes. If you have flat and high arches you are also more likely to develop this injury. You will often develop plantar fasciitis when the plantar fascia ligaments that supports the arch of your foot becomes inflamed. This inflammation can be triggered through persistent unnatural load and pressure being exerted onto the arch more typically from bio-mechanical imbalances such as over pronation and supination that affect your gait.

One of the best ways to treat plantar fasciitis is to wear a pair of orthotic arch support insoles, these insoles will help to take strain off your arches and correct any bio-mechanical imbalance that you may be causing your plantar fasciitis.

What are the top 5 BEST insoles for plantar fasciitis?

1. Arch support insoles from NuovaHealth

When you have plantar fasciitis you will need to take as much strain and tension off your arches as possible. To do so you will need a pair of insoles that have lots of rigid support. These Arch support insoles from NuovaHealth have made from carbon fiber and will give your feet lots of rigid arch support. This rigid support will help to reduce strain and pressure on your feet and plus will make sure that your feet are positioned and aligned correctly reducing risk of further damage and injury to your affected foot whilst your plantar fasciitis recovers.

You don’t have to have plantar fasciitis to wear a pair either. Due to the fact that they are made form light weight carbon fiber means that these insoles are perfect for runners and athletes who suffer from foot pain. They are also good for people with high arches and flat feet who are more prone to over stretching and damaging the plantar fascia. If you are someone who find themselves constantly on their feet these insoles can help. Pressure can build up underneath the soles and heels of your feet which can over time cause damage, pain and injury. However, thanks to orthotic technology built into these insoles this pressure is evenly spread out through out your foot so that it no longer causes damage to your feet.

2. Orthotic arch support insoles from Footreviver

Are you looking for some new insoles to help with your plantar fasciitis? If so then you might want to check out these new arch supporting insoles from Footreviver. They have been specially designed to help re-position, support and correct the bio-mechanics of your feet. In doing so these insoles will take strain and pressure of key ligaments found in your foot such as the plantar fascia helping to both treat and prevent plantar fasciitis.

Even if you do not have plantar fasciitis you can still wear these insoles to make your shoes more comfortable to wear. Made from the very best shock absorbing materials these insoles will protect your feet from shock and will even prevent the build up of damaging pressure underneath your heels by spreading this pressure evenly via the inbuilt heel cups.

3. 3/4 length orthotic inserts from Footreviver

Next on our list are these 3/4 length orthotic inserts from Footreviver. Unlike the other Footreviver insoles listed above these inserts are only 3/4 in length, this means that they are extremely compact, discrete and lightweight making them easy to fit into even the smallest of shoes.  Due to these inserts being so lightweight they are often preferred by runners who want extra support and protection but dot want to be weighed down by their shoes. These inserts are designed to support your arch and heel and with a built in heel cup will help to improve stability and balance in your feet reducing the risk of strains and sprains to your ankle.

4. Massaging gel insoles

If you are on your feet all day then you may suffer from tired aching feet, you are also at greater risk of developing plantar fasciitis. By wearing a pair of these massaging gel insoles you can help to give your feet and break. They are designed to massage your feet soothing foot pain and taking strain and pressure off key parts of your foot.

Unlike the other insoles listed above these insoles will provide your feet with a custom level of support and protection as they mold to the exact shape and contours of your feet. Using orthotic compression technology these insoles will also help to realign and correct the positioning of your feet into a more natural position that places less strain on key parts of your feet to help you prevent injury better.

5. Shock absorbing insoles

Overtime shock can cause damage to not only your feet but also to other parts of your body such as your shins, knees and even your lower back. Preventing damage caused by shock couldn’t be easier with a pair of these shock absorbing insoles. These insoles are made from the very best, durable and shock resistant EVA material that will prevent shock from damaging your feet when you run, jump or walk. With memory foam top layer these insoles will also give your feet an extra layer of added protection, support and comfort. They are also perfect for runners and athletes as they are not too bulky, lightweight and can be quickly and easily fitted into running shoes with ease.

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