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    Relaxin’ all my lonesome, blowing with the wind…😏 Blessed 2 C another day/night.
    Have a great 1 my friends😉

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    Don’t use webhsoting talk to find hosting as you will only be scammed! For example I started using inodehost and it is a complete and utter rip off. I first started having
    problems with one of my sites hosted on inodehost a few weeks ago when the server was hacked. I know that the hack was server sided because my wordpress site was fully updated,…[Read more]

    • Another thing to bear in mind when choosing a host is what other sort of domains are hosted the server and using the same ip. For example using a reverse ip lookup tool you can find other domains hosted on the same server as you.. and apparently looking at the other domains on the inodehost server there are tons of viagra and dodgy websites being…[Read more]

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    I am seeing more and more of the “best of” spam review sites littering the search results nowadays on google. These sites consist of really long anal cookie cutter articles with really poor English reviewing tons of different products from amazon in a particular niche. It is obvious that the reviewer writing or rather spinning these article…[Read more]