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    Review: Why you shouldn’t use disqus on your site

    The Disqus Comment System wordpress plugin is one of the most popular wordpress plug ins with over 200, 000+ installs, however I strongly suggest that you do not use disqus to host your comments and here is why…

    1. Disqus censors free speech

    Disqus censors comments not because they are spam but because disqus wants to censor views that it does not like. Disqus has teamed up with Google’s jigsaw project to create a “Toxicity Filter ” that uses machine learning to find and delete “toxic” comments. I have had dozens of legitimate comments “detected as spam” and removed by disqus for no reason other than the political views found in them. This means if you run a blog that is on the right of the political spectrum your commenters maybe silenced without your knowledge or permission.
    Despite ruthlessly censoring views that they do not like disqus are useless at actually stopping spam comments.. with many popular blogs that use this comment platform getting over run by spammers.

    2. It’s bad for Seo

    Useful comments added to your site can help to improve your chances of ranking higher in the search engines by boosting your sites content. However, if you use disqus for your blogs comments this free content generated by your users can actually negatively affect your seo. This is because disqus comments posted are hosted on disqus rather than your blog and thus create duplicate content which can get you penalized by search engines.

    3. Makes guest posting harder

    Unlike wordpress guest posting on disqus is a lot trickier and this can have a huge impact on your user comment engagement. Wpbegginer a popular wordpress site reported that after they removed disqus commenting on their site they had a 304% increase in comments!


    One of the main reason why people use this comment system is because they think that it will improve their sites speed however this is a myth. Due to the fact that the comments are being hosted on another server entirely its means that the comments must be fetched from this server and served to the user. This can take a lot longer in terms page load speed than it would do to serve native hosted comments. The slower page loading speed can also negatively impact your seo!

    4. Tracks users and attempts to make money out of your blog

    “If something is free, you are the product” this is very true in the case of disqus. One way that this comment platform uses to make money is to serve TONS of ads to your users on YOUR blog! Disqus will also track the users who visit you site and sell this info to advertisers. It is even reported that disqus changes affiliate links on your site to their own. Apparently the only way to remove ads from your site is to buy the pro version that costs $99 per month!


    There is very little benefit of actually having disqus comments on your blog apart form that it may help save you a little bit of memory and bandwidth. Hosting your comments on wordpress using akismet to censor spam comments is a lot better option. Not only will the comments add to your sites content improving your seo your blog posts will load faster and you will be in full control of what comments get posted and not some secret algorithms designed to censor free speech. Using buddypress and getting your users to sign up to your site is also a great way of developing a strong community on your blog… and will get people to keep coming back.

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    Review: Media.net is a scam does not payout!

    Media.net is a scam website. I was looking for good alternatives to google adsense (not because my site was banned from google adsense but because I don’t not agree with Googles lack of morals) and found media.net and after reading a few positive reviews online I decided to sign up. Turns out these positive reviews were disingenuous, often created by people who work for media.net or by people who are part of their affiliate scheme who get a commission to suck people into signing up to their ad program.

    My site is over 10 years old, has a very powerful backlink profile that helps it to rank high in the search engines for numerous different keywords meaning I gets lots of high quality traffic from search engines. Ranking both evergreen articles and news articles in google news covering a wide variety of different topics. My site gets over 8,000 real visitors each day most of which like the content I write and engage in the site, writing comments and sharing my content on social media. However Media.net reckons that my traffic is low quality and thus puts my RPM at $0.0, this means no matter how much impressions my ads get I will never make a penny. After having the ads on my site and generating over 200,000 ad impressions l earnt $0!!!!!! If you email your designated “Associate Manager” about any of these issues they simply ignore you.

    This is a very clever strategy from media .net as it enables them to get essential free advertising!

    Turns out im not the only one this has happened too. Searching online and looking past the shill reviews online about media.net you quickly find MANY online posts from webmasters complaining about the same kind of scenario. In some cases you will find some webmasters saying that they did manage to earn some money with media.net but after working hard to reach the minimum payout needed media.net simply bans their account and does not pay them anything.It is therefore evident that media.net is nothing more than a con designed to make it near impossible to reach the minimum payout and for those who do their accounts are simply banned for no reason apart from media.nets greed.

    Here are just a few examples of this ad network scamming people:
    https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/report-of-using-media-net-ads-network.2650518/ <<<< Hit with $0 rpm essentially making their site a free traffic source for media.net ads. https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/does-anyone-have-expierence-or-reviews-with-media-net.2642847/ <<<< thread filled with people complaining about how they got scammed by this company http://www.lionblogger.com/why-i-stopped-using-media-net-ads/ <<<<< Proffesional blogger complaining about how RPM set to zero...making having ads pointless. https://www.moneyhomeblog.com/media-net-scam-review-media-net-ban-account-for-low-quality-traffic/ <

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    Dog saves baby deer from drowning in lake

    In possibly the cutest thing ever captured on video Storm the dog saw a baby deer drowning in the river so decided to dive in to save it. The incident occurred when Strom’s owner Mike Freeley was walking storm and his other dogs along a lake in Strong Island when storm suddenly decided to take a dip. Storm then carefully dragged a disorientated baby deer from the water and then gently licked the baby deer to check if it was okay. As rescuers arrived however the baby deer got spooked and then ran back into theriver and needed saved by a human instead. Storms heroic and INTELIIGENT behaviour was captured by his human owner captured onvideo which you can watch below. It is unclear how the deerended up in the water in the first place but it is thought that something must have spooked the baby deer which caused it to run intothe water. The baby deer is now being treated at the local Animal Rescue centre where it is expected to make a full recovery.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d92gEaqznCM

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