• but I do wonder what everyone needs it for.

    Inverting sparse matrices 282,429,536,481 elements in linear dimension…

    More seriously – with less than 8 Gb RAM a modern bloated OS and apps can struggle – swapping to disk a lot. You won’t notice that performance hit so much with an SSD but you might notice the increased wear and failure level o…[Read more]

  • I don’t disagree that added RAM improves performance but I do wonder what everyone needs it for. I control my business from a <£500 laptop with only 4GB of RAM running multiple concurrent applications. Speed isn’t an issue. Your computer is only as fast as the slowest part and it’s no good having lots of RAM or a fast processor if the hard drive…[Read more]

  • Might be worth looking for something you can add additional ram yourself, I did this with my old sony Viao, and a couple of Mac’s not as hard as you might think and much cheaper than buying it in place, made a big difference to my Mac, when from 4GB up to 16.

  • The Dell outlet store gives you value for money.

    Get i5 or i7, with as much RAM as they offer.

  • seankenny replied to the topic New PC – any suggestions? in the forum General Chat 6 days ago

    Thanks for the replies. Laptop not desktop and, really guys, if I had the skills to build my own computer, I wouldn’t be here asking basic questions about what to buy!

  • kevster replied to the topic New PC – any suggestions? in the forum General Chat 6 days ago

    Building a PC is fun, but the fun wears off if you don’t have the patience to trouble shoot.

    For an easy life get a computer off the shelf. You’ll get a Windows licence and an operating system full of bloatware, but you’ll have a licence.

    You can then go to the Microsoft website to download a clean version of Windows 10. If you choose then you c…[Read more]

  • guy replied to the topic New PC – any suggestions? in the forum General Chat 6 days ago

    Desktop or Laptop?

    If it’s a Desktop, consider getting a Barebones Bundle from somewhere like Novatech.

  • cam replied to the topic New PC – any suggestions? in the forum General Chat 6 days ago

    Definitely avoid Lenovo -worst computer manufacturer ever from my experience!

  • jam replied to the topic New PC – any suggestions? in the forum General Chat 6 days ago

    For the best bang for the buck building your own computer and cutting out the middle man is always a good idea. I find that most pc manufactures always seem to stuff their computers with the cheapest harddrives, ram, cpu, motherboards etc possible and then stick on a premium price. If building you own pc isn’t an option look for something that…[Read more]

  • I’m looking for suggestions for a new PC. The last one I bought – a £250 number from Currys – was really disappointing, so I’m looking for something a bit better. Budget max £500, on top of using it for internet, word processing and spreadsheets I also need to run stats applications like Stata/EViews. Ideally something without tons of bloatware i…[Read more]

  • I got fake traffic too! after a bit of research online found out on various marketing forums that Google sends lots of people “zombie” fake traffic from bots and has been doing so for years.

    Nobody has any idea whether google are the ones behind this fake bot traffic this or if google are simply allowing competitors to nuke each other with bots…[Read more]

  • If I was you I would stay well away from Google adwords or their shopping ads. It really is not worth it if you sell low cost items because it just eats away at your profit margins and is a lot of hard work and hassle for very little return(if any).

    You will probably get better return on investment from using more conventional forms of…[Read more]

  • Its a total scam in my opinion. You would be much better off going to a casino and playing roulette instead.. at least it wouldn’t be as fixed and that way you have a better chance of getting some money back.

  • Trust me Adwords simply does not work at all for most small businesses!! The only people that can make money using adwords are those in niches where conversions are worth a ton of money such as if your a bank, lawyer, car sale men, estate agent etc so can afford the ridiculous prices for the ads.

    When I tried adwords all the traffic that I…[Read more]

  • In my experience adwords is a total scam created to extort money from small businesses just to be seen online. I started using it a couple months ago after our site was decimated in the normal search results for no reason. The niche that my site is in is very small with very little competition (only a few company’s sell what we sell in the whole…[Read more]

  • I run a small business and getting exposure online is really hard and was wondering about giving adwords a go.
    Has anyone used adwords here? If so, what are your thought? does it work… is the ROI worth it? I would really appreciate any reviews and experiences you might have using adwords before I bit the bullet.

    Thank you!

  • I’ve had two long distance relationships. The first didn’t work – he never made the effort, was always questioning what I was doing/who I was with. The second one is still going, but we live together now. That started off as being a few hours apart, to being on different hemispheres. Communication and trust are key. We used to chat on the phone…[Read more]

  • Learn the art if letter writing. When in the early days of our relationship hubby and I were apart we found nice cards and wrote to each other 2 or 3 times I week (27 years later I still have those letters!) there is something very personal about a handwritten letter. Much more so than an email x

  • I did long distance, me in Spain, him in the UK, he came over every few months, we made it work by texts and lots of facetime (or skype) luckily we both work for ourselves so could call each other anytime. Evenings we would facetime, and if something was good on the TV, we would put the same channel on, I would turn my tv down and listen to his, (…[Read more]

  • ^ what they said…
    It takes a certain mindset, character, trust etc on both sides for it to work, but it can be done. Communication is important, but so is not reading too much into things. Messages can be misinterpreted, calls missed, and people with drama llama tendencies can find this difficult.

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