Wacom set to release massive 24 and 32 inch cintiq pro tablets

Wacoms current cintiq pro tablets are 13 inch and 16 inch and they are pretty good, but if you are professional artists and want to draw using the entire motion of your arm rather than your wrist then these sizes are simply too small. So it is no surprise then that Wacom has announced that […]

What is the best drawing tablet to buy?

There are lots of different drawing tablets to choose from ranging from the very cheap intuos tablets costing only £50 to the very expensive cintiq 27qhd tablets that can cost anywhere upto £2000! But which one should you buy if you want to step into the world of digital art? In this list we will […]

Drawing a hand in photoshop!

I thought I would just post these hand studies that I created in photoshop using my cintiq 27qhd to help people who maybe Struggling with drawing hands. The hand is a very expressive and can portray an array of different emotions just on its own. Whenever you are drawing the hand it is vital to […]