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    Anyone noticed anything odd about the free delivery offered by Amazon recently?

    I normally go for the free option just because I’m tight and not normally too bothered if something takes a few days to arrive.

    It used to be a case of some stuff would still arrive next day and others would take 3-4 days but I’ve noticed recently that if you just go for the free option everything arrives at exactly the latest date within their range given and that the tracking codes they give never register on the royal mail website until fair few days after Amazon claim the items are dispatched.

    Also, I’ve had a few things arrive a full week after the order date, with first class postage on the package despite them claiming that they dispatched it 5 days previously.

    It seems to me that amazon are intentionally delaying stuff that isn’t delivered on special delivery or prime membership.

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    Is it Amazon things or marketplace things? Some people get confused.

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    @matt The current order is sold by an independent company but “Fulfilled by Amazon” which means that the item is stored in an amazon warehouse and dispatched by them etc.

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    It does depend on which warehouse is holding the item originally. I’ve had several things over the years where it turned out to be held in a European warehouse and the minimum time time even with expedited delivery would be 4-5 days. They were transferred first to an UK warehouse before onward delivery.

    Not that I’m defending Amazon! I would not be surprised it they are up to something!

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    If Royal Mail is delivering is it partly them? With the recent snow, not Amazon but I had an 48 hr marked item taking 9 days to come 20 miles by RM when they suspended deliveries only for two days due to snow problems. Also, had other cases where it seemed RM took the time they are paid for to deliver esp if second class.

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    If Royal Mail is delivering is it partly them?

    @ali I thought that but in this case as Amazon claim to have handed the item to royal mail about 48hrs ago and yet the tracking number doesn’t work on the RM website and they say that the tracking numbers can be generated by the seller before the item is sent.

    In recent experience with RM been mostly positive.

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    I’d agree with this, it feels like they’re pushing people towards paying for quicker delivery or signing up for Prime.

    On the subject of prime, the free next day delivery isn’t very reliable and Amazon have ignored my emails of complaint.

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    @logi Yes had with other companies a tracking number generated but RM had no record for a day or two. Thought it was RM system that was “slow” to update since I’ve regularly had stuff delivered and it’s been 2 days later before the RM system actually updates and shows delivery details. Never really know who is at “fault” though.

    Certianly had various companies over the years that issue an email saying dispatched giving a date and time, which turned out to be just that they had packaged it up and it was still in the warehouse awaiting pickup by a courier which sometimes was even the next day.

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    I also used to find that free deliveries would regularly arrive much earlier than expected and that was part of the reason why I rarely used to pay for delivery. I don’t order enough to be very confident of a significant pattern but it does seem like free deliveries are arriving slightly more slowly in recent months.

    Can’t say I blame them, if that is the case. Seems like a perfectly reasonable trade-off. It’s not necessarily a case of artificially delaying free deliveries but even if it is that wouldn’t particularly annoy me. Plenty of companies artificially restrict what you get from their free or cheaper options to push you to more expensive ones.

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    I’m not a prime member.. the last thing I bought from amazon it took quite a while for it to be delivered. I think Amazon does is fixing it so people buy prime. Its funny because this sort of thing wouldn’t happen on the high street for example imagine lots of people queuing at a checkout for ages at a store and then someone with a badge comes along and starts pushing everyone out the way and says “prime member coming through”!

    I honestly don’t know why people are pay for prime membership to me just to be essentially tied into amazon. All these subscriptions, gizmos and gadgets in my opinion scream of anti competitiveness just like how amazon patented the one click checkout for years and is hurting smaller businesses.

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