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    My sister got me an Amazon Echo recently… bear in mind that she bought it in the UK and I am living in Switzerland. I brought it back with me and tried to set it up.

    First off, Amazon insists that I either use their Music Unlimited service or I can subscribe to Spotify Premium. I’ve used Spotify’s free option for years and never had a problem. So why not upgrade in order to ask Alexa to play any music I want?

    Having jumped through some hoops I finally manage to subscribe. Job done, right? Nope. I linked the Spotify account to Alexa and then asked it to play something. Alexa’s response is that streaming is not available on this device.

    Ok, let’s contact Amazon and ask why they have made me pay for a subscription and then tell me that the service still isn’t available. Amazon’s response – from multiple employees – is that the service isn’t available. I know this, I want to know why it isn’t available. Amazon don’t have servers in Switzerland, they don’t have a Swiss store. I could understand that, but Spotify Premium works on absolutely every device that I own. The Echo is basically a smart Bluetooth speaker. It interprets what I say and then connects to the Spotify account to stream the music. And yet it says that streaming isn’t available for this device. I don’t get it.

    Back to customer service, their response is “I can’t assist you because that is the way the device is set up. I can forward your feedback to the developers though?”

    “Is there the possibility of having direct contact with a developer who could maybe provide a more adequate explanation?”


    Great, thanks a bunch. :pinch:

    Amazon appear to have purposefully disabled this option within Switzerland. I don’t know why, considering that – as I said – Spotify works on all the other devices.

    The one takeaway from this is that I understand more about why people hate my profession. Customer service can be a real PITA when they don’t have a proper explanation.

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    It would never have occurred to me to think about whether devices like this would be supported in all counties straight out of the box. I guess when someone brings it up it seems a bit obvious that it’s never going to work everywhere, to begin with but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    I think what they are trying to say is perhaps that the Amazon infrastructure isn’t there to support integration with these things. Spotify works sure, but Amazon can’t connect to it. The only alternative would be to perhaps route you via a neighbouring country that does support it but the latency and load generated by multiple countries piggybacking off another would probably be too much. All assumption here but that’s what I would take from this.

    Can you return it? Maybe look into the Apples equivalent which look a lot better than amazon and googles home devices!

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    That’s quite a poor show! It does seem deliberate!

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    It does the same in Holland i believe as there is no Dutch amazon. My mate cant even watch half of prime content due to it.

    chuck it back to sis and ask her nicely to get a refund as its not fit for purpose, at least thats an easy solution with amazon.

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