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    I was made redundant a couple of weeks ago due to company insolvency and received my P45 today.

    At part 6 the Week 1/Month 1 option is ticked and there are no pay details to date. Struggling to work out if this is correct or not. I only started this job in November so have previous earnings in this employment that I would expect to see in the total pay to date and total tax to date options.

    Can anyone advise?

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    There should really be your ytd figs in there, but that might be difficult in an insolvency situation if records aren’t kept as they should be. Similarly the Month 1 box may be ticked because of the lack of info to pass on…..but fear not, assuming recent employer has been submitting RTI info properly to HMRC, your earnings figures will be with HMRC and a correct tax code will be relatively easy to obtain. It does seem there is not a lot for the administrators/ receivers to go on, and they are just getting the necessary paperwork out using whatever info they have available.

    And better luck in your next job!

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    @oldguy Earnings from previous job are on my November payslip (the only one received, not paid in December) so I thought they’d be on the P45 as well and I do know that if I log on to HMRC to view the tax record it all looks as i expect there. Just wanted to check it wasn’t going to cause an issue anywhere.

    Doesn’t help that I was taxed 40% on entire salary as already had November payslip from my previous job. At the time I wasn’t too worried as it should have come back to me in the December payslip. I don’t think I can get the overpayment refunded until end of the tax year if I don’t get a PAYE job before then. No idea how the payments from the insolvency service get taxed either.

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