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    What an awful way to end Boxing Day.

    What was supposed to be a nice gentle walk with the dog has resulted in another trip to A&E after my ankle (I injured and tore a load of tendons in my ankle in november 2016) gave way and ended up at right angles to my leg again. No warning or reason for it to give other than the fact the tendons obviously were not as healed as the should be.
    Am frozen to the bone after sitting on the soggy ground for over an hour waiting for the ambulance

    Once again no boney damage but likely to be back at the start again with all the soft tissue damage.
    Back on crutches for the foreseeable future (it was 12 weeks last time before I could weight bare without screaming)

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    Oh my word, you poor thing. Having broken one ankle and simultaneously snapped all the ligaments in the other, I sympathize totally!! Do you still have one of those bionic boot things? They really helped when I did mine. x

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    Oh sweetie! So sorry you’re hurting again. I hope it heals as quickly and as well as possible.

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