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    I see a lot of posts online on other forums poking fun at Bear Grylls – most of them humorous, yet then then degenerate where it appears a lot of people really dislike the tv person that he portrays – and I wonder why?

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    I’ll take the short cut to the degeneration.

    Bear Grylls – why the hatred?

    Why not?

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    You may think it’s trendy; it just may be a rational, received consensus.

    I dislike Grylls because he blatantly lies, knows and thinks very little about the subject he purports to be expert in, indulges in catastrophically environmentally damaging stunts, and gives advice that is downright dangerous.

    Does that help?

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    I personally despise the man because he paints climbing and mountaineering and adventuring — in general — in a bad light. He makes it about danger and risk and being prepared to Survive (TM) in all sorts of sensational and over-wrought ways and that’s not helpful for anybody.

    Mostly, it is not at all helpful for the ignorant who don’t know any better. Us climbers might laugh at his ineptitude but non-climbers make up a vast majority of his audience, I bet.

    Someone who’s sat at home, on the sofa, watching him on telly isn’t going to think: “Hey, I could put my rain jacket on and go out hill-walking. I don’t need to start out ‘hardcore’. I can see what this is all about and perhaps break into the sport. It’s approachable.” They’ll stay on the sofa, drinking in his garbage, or they’ll go out and buy a tonne of his branded kit, have a go with entirely the wrong mindset and end up back on the sofa after one outing, maximum.

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    I don’t hate him. I also try to give him the benefit of the doubt; in modern Britain, there’s a lot of people who could benefit from getting outdoors more and if he encourages that he could be a force for good.

    That benefit of the doubt lasts about as long as I don’t actually see any of his programmes or videos. The one posted earlier of him ‘soloing’ with a top rope is just comedy. But his fake survival programmes are dangerous. The last one I watched he was trying to survive whilst crossing the country (I can’t remember the precise premise; something about being dropped at a random location and trying to return to civilisation) and involved him swimming across a lake with no way of keeping his kit dry and abbing off a cliff with a rope he conveniently found.

    It’s not just sensationalised bollocks; it’s dangerous and portrays a mindset that will get people hurt if they go out into the hills thinking like that.

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    I think the lack of authenticity grinds with the UKC massive. He is an entertainer – no more an expert in the world of adventure than Arnold Schwarzenegger is a robot cyborg sent back from the future. Why not find a genuine outdoors person rather than an actor?

    The way he hams up the danger is also annoying. There are people who (rightly or wrongly), genuinely put there life in danger when climbing/coneoing etc… – and do it purely for a sense of personal achievement. Grylls piggy-backs on the back of this danger element to enhance his own ambitions – when the greatest risk he runs is that the towel rail in his hotel room is not at the correct temperature.

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