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    Any good free graphic design apps for Windows 10?

    I’m making do with Photoshop CS but its just not cutting the mustard.

    Anybody used Scribus?

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    Scribus is functional and capable but perhaps not as Intuitive as commercial alternatives.

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    It’s not free but Affinity is worth the money.

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    -Gimp is free haven’t used it in a while but was/is one of the best photoshop alternatives back in the 00’s when I last used it..

    -Inkscape free good for vectors and design work. But buggy last time I used it crashed when doing simple things.

    -Clipstudio not free but is also meant to be a lot better than Photoshop for drawing and even vector work.

    -Paint Tool SAI again not free but a lot cheaper than photoshop and is meant to be a lot better than photoshop for drawing.

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    Photoshop isn’t deisgned for graphic deisgn, rather editing photos. Alot (but not all) of its functionality has been bundled into Lightroom these days – at least for my purposes. Anyway, it’s pants for graphic design – you’re essentially trying to create a Turner seascape with a biro.

    Illustrator is the Adobe package your after, and naturally is wildly expensive. Inkscape is a free, albeit occasionally frustrating, equivalent.

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