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    For me the bets pub has got to be Three Stags’ Heads on the Stoney road.
    With the bar set high with the likes of The Big 6, Tan Hill and The Quiet Woman; that’s no mean feat.

    Whats your favorite pub?

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    I once went to the Three Stags. As I approached the bar, the whole place went silent, and the locals crowded me out so that I didn’t get noticed for 47 minutes. I asked for a pint of Fosters, and the landlord punched me square in the nose shouting “We don’t serve poofs or cocktails!”. He agreed to let me have a pint of scrumpy cider instead, but served me line cleaner by mistake. It stripped my oesophagus, and burnt my stomach out. Nowadays, I have to be fed intravenously and am unable to talk properly… Great pub. Sadly, they just don’t seem to make them like that anymore? Can’t wait to return.

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    Bennigans in Castlemilk now an ex-pub.
    It would suddenly get very busy at certain times with lots of anxious and shifty looking people until the awaited man arrived then the brass scales came out in three or four different parts of the pub followed by the rizlas and people formed orderly queues.
    It was like an Amsterdam coffee house in the middle of a Glasgow council estate if you swap the trendies for schemies
    It wasnt totally out of bounds to the police but they gave it a wide berth.
    This was during the 90s when it was a riot of local colour where the clientel were most helpful although if you werent known then it was best not to stay too long as it was like the movie From Dust Til Dawn – ok during the day but at night it was totally different.

    Obviously it had different kinds of alcohol to and maybe plain crisps and salted nuts for those that wanted food.

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    Bennigans in Castlemilk now an ex-pub.

    Did it have a flat roof? ‘Never drink in a pub with a flat roof’ has always seemed good advice to me although I have been in a few such establishments.

    The best pub I have ever been to has to be the Ty Coch Inn, in Morfa Nefyn on the Lyn peninsular

    Brilliant pub, and great location!

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    I live in the peak district best pubs there are…

    Three Stags Head at Wardlow Mires
    Red Lion at Litton
    Bull at Foolow
    Packhorse inn at Little Long stone
    Quiet Woman
    The middle three do really good food too.

    For posh pubs, my local The Chequers at Froggatt is excellent as is the Devonshire Arms at Beeley.

    Further afield, the Golden Rule in Ambleside and the Old Success at Sennen Cove.
    Shame about North Wales really. At least the Bryan Tyrch understands what ‘vegan’ means and puts stuff on the menu. There’s also a really good pub down the hill from Tefor Quarry but I can’t remember the name.

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    The Shipwreck Bar, South Friars Bay, St Kitts. Not as surreal as the Three Stags Head (a pub from Discworld) but with better weather.

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    The Shipwreck Bar, South Friars Bay, St Kitts. Not as surreal as the Three Stags Head (a pub from Discworld) but with better weather.

    I’m sure everyone has a Three Stags story.
    Mine was a late Saturday afternoon after bouldering session. Went in with my dog who joined the pack of lurchers running a relay round the bar. Some tables piled up with pheasant and rabbit from the afternoon’s shoot and up for sale. Ordered a beer and chatted to the landlord about his latest pottery (his hobby) behind the bar. Guy behind me had forgotten to turn his phone to silent (schoolboy error). Some fruity words from the landlord that he and his party at the table should leave immediately. Like you say, Discworld!

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    Staff of Life in Todmorden used to be good, when it first re-opened back in, ohh, probably the mid-80s – with its display of Victorian medical memorabilia (including the home enema kit, which was allegedly once used to administer one more pint to a regular who’d passed out). Still the only pub in which I’ve ever seen a bloke stood at the bar with a pet goat on a lead.

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    There is a pub in the north east of England called ‘The Beamish Mary’ it’s in a village called No Place. They have a great selection of real ales, on open coal fire and real chips with their hot beef sandwiches. The lounge was modernised so it could be used for an ITV period Drake a while back. The bar staff are great, just the right amount of personal abuse but able to sense when your glass needs a refill.
    It’s a real pub in every way and has never sought to change to modern ways.

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    Does anyone have an opinion on the Crask Inn? It has many rave reviews, but I think it might have changed hands quite recently (?). No doubt it’s still good, but is it very very good?

    I’d never heard of it until I drove past on the way from Inverness to Durness last summer and was very surprised to see a pub so ‘out there’ in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t really stop at the time, but next time I’m going that way I think I’ll aim to stop for a quick break and a cuppa at the very least.

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    @jack I’ve no way of knowing what the Crask Inn was like as I just rocked up there for the first time one evening in July. Very welcoming, very tiny. It seems to be popular with LE/JoG cyclists as that road is given as an “official” alternative to the A9 in their guidebooks. Unfortunately I hadn’t researched the protocol so was unaware that you had to ring up beforehand to book a meal. Everybody else just up and trooped through for dinner at the appointed time, leaving me alone with my pint and feeling like a right prat. Enjoyed the rest of the evening though, and feasted on muesli back in the van afterwards. It’s certainly a welcome pint after that boggy heap of shite Ben Klibreck.

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