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    Anybody got one of these or could recommend a good one?

    My sister got one for her birthday, and loves it. She even showed me it scuttling around when I called her on Skype.

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    It seems like a great idea until ….

    And until you realise it’s also mapping your floorplan and sending that information back to the company

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    And until you realise it’s also mapping your floorplan and sending that information back to the company

    @jack To sell me a new carpet or laminate flooring?

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    To sell me a new carpet or laminate flooring?

    Nope it’s stalking you, slowly calmly, and once you have been fully measured it will finish you.

    The machines will win.

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    @troll Who knows what nefarious plans our future robot overlords have!!
    Can I come round yours and start measuring stuff then, no questions asked?!

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    Are they actually thorough, because for about £10/hour you can pay someone to clean your house and they’ll also do a superficial job and hoover round easily moveable items.

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    @sar Yes they are thorough. Our roombas do take a random trajectory but keep going much longer than a human cleaner and the randomness means that if they miss a spot one day they won’t keep missing it, unless it is genuinely hard to reach – if you have small rooms and lots of furniture it may struggle.

    For me the important thing is psychological – we have six people in the house, three of them teenagers, and if a human was cleaning they would spend hours constantly picking up belongings from the floor first, which would then revert to a mess immediately afterwards. Now, there is no nagging, but they no longer leave their headphones, food wrappers and socks on the floor in common areas of the house, because they know the roomba treats them as a tasty snack.

    We actually have two – one is a very old model that didn’t cope well with hair, so we relegated it to mud patrol on the bottom floor (narrow 3 storey terraced house) and got a more modern one that is quicker to clean out for the main living area on the first floor .

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    @mo But it won’t hoover sofas, or skirting board, or get cobwebs.I have a 15 month year old that is quite good at clearing the floor!

    I am quite tempted to get one to run around at night though, one that washed and dried the kitchen floor daily would be great.

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    @el It won’t, so you need a regular vacuum cleaner for those occasional tasks. Vacuuming the stairs is now the biggest chore of that kind in our house.

    Also, pre-roomba: carefully scoop tablecloth up from dining room table, shake over sink, cursing when crumbs go over the floor
    Post-roomba: grab tablecloth and shake hurriedly over sink, not being remotely fussed when crumbs miss sink and go over floor
    Post-roomba, feeling lazy: put roomba on table, press start.

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    @mo How many vacuums did you check out before choosing the roomba?

    My sister got one in the Black Friday sales and loves hers

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    @troll When we got the first one, roomba was pretty much the only company in the market.

    We don’t have a cat, but I don’t believe they all hate them. I have seen videos of cats using them as nice heated chariots for moving between rooms without effort, and being able to side-swipe the dog as they travel past.

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    I bought one for my parents a couple years ago, I can’t remember the make but I did a bit of research beforehand and settled on one at, I think, £240. So far it has functioned just fine and I think they are quite happy with it. The obvious plus is that you can press “go” and then essentially just ignore it so it’s a time-saving device much like a dishwasher or a self-driving car. But like a dishwasher, it is fundamentally less effective than you as a human are when the going really gets tricky.

    The downsides I remember my parents mentioning are:
    1) If you have a house alarm and set the hoover on a schedule, at some stage you are going to get the house alarm being set off by the hoover deciding to clean while you are out.
    2) It’s quite loud. Cats don’t like it at all (though, you might consider this a plus).
    3) If you didn’t hear from it in a while, I might have got itself stuck somewhere and depending on where it might be annoying moving heavy things to get it back out.
    4) It chokes on rug edges, socks, etc. etc.
    5) You still need a normal hoover for all the skirting boards, cobwebs, stairs and other things the automatic one cant do.
    And I personally find that where they have put the charging station and hoover is a trip hazard! (but obviously that is pretty easily remedied.

    In terms of unexpected advantages, it sometimes goes and hoovers somewhere you normally miss, like under a bed, which can leave some areas cleaner than you would get them.

    The tech is coming on all the time though, so some of the problems of 2 years ago might have been solved by now.

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    The Maybot is like one of those cheap vacuum cleaners that is very good at sucking up dirt but blows most of it out again the other end.

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    I have a xiaomi mi robot vacuum… sits in its dock, then at scheduled times turns on it’s sensors (all 17 of them) maps out the room and starts vacuuming.

    I was skeptical, but wow. I get a message on the app to say when complete and a detailed map of where has been cleaned. Goes from timber to carpet with no issues. Easiest way to know how effective is to empty the little fella, even on floors I would consider clean he can sniff out stuff to suck up.

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    The Maybot is like one of those cheap vacuum cleaners that is very good at sucking up dirt but blows most of it out again the other end.

    I’d agree with that. Navigation wise there’s not much to choose between Roomba and Maybot, they both have limited sensors and move about largely at random bumping off things then give up and return to base when there’s nowhere else to go. However there is no doubt when it comes to sucking the Maybot is in a league of its own.

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    I have one of these

    It seems to work well and my parents thought I’d suddenly started cleaning thoroughly, which must be a good endorsement for it. It doesn’t do any room mapping, but it does cover the room randomly and spend long enough doing it to cover the area well. It can get stuck occasionally but then alerts you and stops running. On one charge it does approx 1.5 hours of cleaning. Overall I’m happy with it.

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    just another Dave

    Robot vacuum cleaners sound like a fad to me and I bet they are not practical at all.

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