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    I want to make the jump from using blogger to possibly on a self hosted site.

    Anyone done this? How easy was the process and which host did you choose?
    I have a domain name already so need to take that with me and would also like to import the content from the blogger site to the new one.

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    soHost are really good and reasonably priced. I’m pretty sure they offer a service to transfer your old WordPress site to their servers and add the domain name.
    If you decide to go with them and get stuck transferring the site feel free to PM me, I’ve done it a few times

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    Following as I’ve been informed by my webhost that they are no longer offering my package are so terminating their services soon, so I need to find an alternative. Feeling a bit out of my depth!

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    just another Dave

    I’ve done this for a couple of people. Exporting the site content should be quite easy from the admin section. The media might be more fun. When I have done it I set up a temporary site for the new hosting and moved all the content and media over (when importing I’m sure you could import the media from the existing site so that site still needs to exist). The plugins are more fun to sort out. On the sites I did I had to sort out some different plugins to do the job. Just make sure you own the domain. Buy it through someone like 1&1 or GoDaddy etc as they are he registrar and you will be the registrant.

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    I use Vidahost.

    I used to host with a guy in the states, who wasn’t just hosting but helping with stupid errors (like critically crashing sites) newbies usually make. Unfortunately, a few years ago he decided to retire (and down a grapevine I have heard he died since) and suggested to use above mentioned vidahost.

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    If you are going with a wordpress build then I recommend bluehost – good quality hosting, speed and support. I personally use WPX but then I need space for client sites that I host – its more suited to business hosting with their smallest package supporting up to 5 websites and costing $24.99 pcm, bluehost is probably more suitable for your purpose and reasonably priced too although I am not sure if they carry out migration for you.

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    For work I have used a ton of different hosting providers ranging from super cheap ones to really expensive ones. For me the best host I have used by far is Siteground. Another good host is 1and1. Whilst the worst hosting I have came across (among the big hosting names) is Godaddy which absolutely stunk as it struggled to properly host a wordpress site.
    Some people just use but in my opinion is far too expensive and too restrictive. Because you do not have access to ftp and the php files of your site there really isnt much in the way of extra features, styling and customization that you can do.
    One positive that I can think of with using is that your site will be very safe from getting hacked.

    Also, be careful researching hosting providers on the internet on webhosting forums and review websites arent all what they seem as a lot of hosting providers use affiliate schemes to get marketers to promote their hosting which means there is a lot of disinformation out there.

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    Would agree with Ali that WordPress Hosting is far to expensive, although I can’t comment on how restrictive it is as I have never used it. Also agree that 1and1 is also a good value service.

    OP I have done a number of client builds and used various hosting platforms that clients use in the process, whilst I personally used fasthost’s for years with no issue, when I started a build for a company in Dubai, I hit speed loading issues that they could not resolve to my satisfaction, hence the switch to WPX, whilst probably more than you wish to spend, their service is excellent and they save me time by migrating client sites for me.

    Building and hosting your own site can seem quite daunting to start with, but it is relatively straight forward, I would be happy to be a sounding board if you ever need and also advise on plugins for various features, there are some standard ones that I now use on any build which are really useful and don’t cost a thing

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