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    On COD multiplayer just about every match I try to play gets interrupted with “Lost connection to host/server”, ya know its going to happen when everything suddenly lags and all the other players seem freeze leaving you free to roam around the battlefield then the game just crashes. Because of this sudden crash means all xp and achievements you gain from that match are lost forever. This happens so much on multiplayer that it is simply cod is unplayable for me at the moment (single player mode is so booooring).

    I have a fairly good internet connection so I am left blaming COD servers! Does anyone else have this problem?

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    I get this all the time and it totally ruins the game. Really annoying when you have just completed a war match and then it disconnects at the final cut scene moments away from collecting my xp. Dont think the call of duty devs will fix this as they are more bothered about selling loot boxes..

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    ME TOO! I bought the game just before Christmas but haven’t played it at all because I would get the “Lost connection to host/server connection timed out” error every multiplayer game I played.. tried everything to fix it but no luck! So annoyed as spent money on a game that is just unplayable (single player is as stale as can be so aint playing that).

    Call of duty sucks!

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