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    I’ve recently noticed that I’m paying massively over the odds for broadband with Virgin. I’ve been with them for years and had no major issues, but the prices keep creeping up and whenever I’ve rung them up the customer service isn’t that great so I think I may jump ship and go elsewhere.

    Is changing provider a faff or pretty simple these days? And does anyone recommend or strongly advise against any company in particular?

    I need a reliable connection as I work from home quite a lot, but I don’t want any TV, never use my landline and only use the internet for general browsing and watching iPlayer/Netflix and listening to music. No gaming or downloading big files.


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    If you’ve got a good 4G signal, sounds like it might be an idea to look at using your mobile data instead…

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    I too keep seeing my Virgin Broadband creeping up. However there aren’t a lot of good providers near me that can even get close to the speeds I’m now used to. Even if I could get speeds consistently around 50mbps I’d consider swapping.

    The only plus for me is that my contract is up this month and I can phone Virgin up to do a bit of haggling.

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    Vodafone claim to user the same cable infrastructure as virgin, cheaper too.

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    @jaffa I really hate all the haggling nonsense and the fact the prices are always creeping up with no real reason. I was going through a bank statement for something else and noticed I’m paying nearly £45 a month for a very basic broadband package!

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    Thing with broadband is, you have to pay a line rental, so if you don’t use your landline, then it makes sense to use Mobile!

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    Are there any other fibre broadband users on the forums who are not using Virgin?

    May I ask who you use and what the service is like?

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    Chris B

    I’m on sky fiber. I pay for something like 70meg and get a very consistent 30 to 40.

    Price wise I get the full TV package minus sports, broadband and landline for £52 a month. That took a lot of haggling though.

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    It has been mentioned on this thread to use mobile data a couple of times. Up until 6 weeks ago that would have sailed right over my head. However I am in rented temporarily and have been using tethering to my phone.

    It has been a revelation. Very, very easy to set up and fast broadband. I have not watched any video because I have a limited data plan, but when my BB contract is up I will consider going 4g.

    Also people may like to know that if your provider puts up your costs Mid Contract you do have 30 days to cancel your contract. Meaning either a new provider or at least a chance to negotiate.

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    Just shifted from BT to vodafone for exactly that reason.

    My bill has over halved. The landline is there but I don’t pay any line rental if I don’t use it.

    It was very easy, still have fibre optic. They sent me a router and on the set day I plugged it in into the wall. That’s it.

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    Also people may like to know that if your provider puts up your costs Mid Contract you do have 30 days to cancel your contract. Meaning either a new provider or at least a chance to negotiate.

    @don I was intrigued by this so I just rang Sky about a potential Broadband+line contract. The salesperson did say that if the price of the contract did change then I could cancel my contract.

    I respectfully asked for a copy of the contract to confirm this and I was directed to the Contract site and PDF.

    In short, you have to virtually be a solicitor to grasp all the potential clauses where Sky can up the monthly fees. Basically you would have to suck up the payments and still not be allowed to cancel your contract because it is covered in practically every way that they can think of.

    I’m guessing Virgin’s contract is just as complex to cancel if payments keep creeping up.

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    “Under rules from regulator Ofcom, if the contract was taken out after 23 Jan 2014, if your landline, broadband or mobile (but not TV) firm raises prices without warning you before you signed up then you are allowed to leave penalty-free.

    But do check the T&C’s as providers may state in there that they reserve the right to hike prices in line with inflation, which would count as a warning.

    If it happens without warning all you have to do is tell your provider within 30 days of getting notification from it, and you can then leave penalty-free. That said, only do so if you can find a better price.”

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    I cancelled my contract with Virgin as I was moving to a new house where they did not offer service. Unfortunately, the person on the other end must have been too busy doing bong hits and didn’t actually cancel my service and the first I knew was several months later when they had supposedly turned my account over to a debt collector. Or not, as the debt collection agency was obviously a transparent joke tactic.

    Anyway, I must have called Virgin 25 times and every time they promised to fix it. They all swore they could see where I cancelled and couldn’t understand why I was charged. And every time I got a new letter demanding payment a week later from the fictional debt agency.

    I have no idea what changed on attempt 26 but I must have reached the only competent person in the whole company who finally took pity on me.

    Be careful, document everything.

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    Not sure if this has been mentioned already but I had the same experience with Virgin last week. Rang up to get a better deal and they told me I couldn’t.

    Shopped around to get something better, rang up to cancel my Virgin package (£56 for TV, phone and 50Mbps broadband) and the cancellation team gave me broadband only at 100Mbps for £30, and offered to include TV for an extra £2.

    It seems, frustratingly, that you have to go through the motions of cancellation to get a better deal.

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    Quick questions

    Before switching, how do I find out what customer service is like?

    Do I pay any exit penalties to switch broadband?

    What are my rights if my provider hikes prices?

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