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    Ok, I am a total technophobe. I currently have an iPhone 5s but I will be cancelling my contract and changing to Samsung.
    I *think* I have my pictures on iCloud. How do I make sure I don’t lose them? Thanks in advance!



    Transfer them via USB cable to your tablet/laptop/computer just in case, but you should be able to transfer phone to phone with the right USB/lead. Or load them onto utterz, Facebook, Photobucket or similar hosting website.



    Mine were all copied to google photos.
    I don’t think you can transfer from phone to phone with an iPhone.



    You need to store them somewhere, either on a USB stick or similar, on your hard drive or somewhere else. If they’re all on iCloud they’re stored, but check that they are. Consider printing out the most important ones, or storing them permanently elsewhere in any case.

    Better still just get another iPhone instead of a Samsung – much better and no chance of losing pictures.

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