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    Hi. My wife has had a headache which coincided with her catching a virus on the 1st of January. We expected the headache to go but now a month and a bit later, and after more or less continually taking paracetamol, which has helped, she still has a headache which is no better this morning. The doctor she saw 10 days ago said to come back if nothing has changed. What might the next step be? We are visiting Dr again this morning. Is he likely to say kept taking the pills or offer anything like a scan? Thanks.

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    Beyond saying that anyone who’s had a headache for over a month shouldn’t be fobbed off with platitudes by their GP, I’m pretty sure that no-one is going to be able to say anything very helpful on here based on what you’ve described.

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    Firstly, trust the doctor, though if you feel you’re being fobbed off, do be politely insistent.

    You may need to make sure other possible causes are eliminated; dehydration (can be an issue after being ill with cold etc I find), eye strain (when was last eye test?), caffeine withdrawal (if you’re like me and tried to cut back once too quickly!).

    Don’t listen too much to people like me speculating on the internet, trust the medical profession!

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    Don’t listen too much to people like me speculating on the internet, trust the medical profession!

    Within reason.

    If they can’t do anything better than ‘you have a headache and we don’t know why’, and she’s had it consistently for several weeks, then you can push for further investigation, probably an MRI. And you should.

    The GP is the ‘gatekeeper’ to real treatment for serious medical issues. If you might have a serious medical issue that gate should be opened. The reason many people end up in trouble is because they are profiled as ‘unlikely’ e.g. young and otherwise in good health and therefore not referred. To flip this, if you are young and otherwise in good health you should be getting better.

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    Eye test is my first thought, when I’ve had persistent headaches I’ve needed new glasses.

    Hope it’s nothing serious.

    Oh and 1st January, she didn’t give up coffee as a New Years resolution did she? The headaches from that are terrible, but I don’t think they last this long.

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    Is she dehydrated. I got flu in January and have been struggling with dehydration every day. Most days I get a mild headache until I drink 4 or 5 pints of water.

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    Thanks all for comments. I went with her today, and was very happy with the advice etc. Doesn’t seem anything too serious.

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