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    Is anti virus necessary in this day and age?
    Do I need to buy expensive anti virus if I am sensible and don’t go around downloading dodgy stuff?
    Correct me if I am wrong but most of the recent hacks are because of outdated windows versions..etc? and most of the time if you keep your browser and computer updated there is no need for anti virus?

    I ask because I am at the stage where my current antivirus has turned into nagware… warning me of all of the incoming potential threats I may face if I don’t renew my subscription immediately.

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    I don’t think you need to pay for anti-virus, Windows comes with its own anit-virus software now pre-installed and that’s all I’ve used. Never had issues but also don’t download random bits from the internet or open email attachments unless I know who it’s from.

    The one that comes with Windows had great views and ratings when it was first release, I assume it still does but haven’t looked.

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    It depends a lot on your risk profile. But there are occasionally viruses which do not require any activity, foolish or otherwise, on your part. I would say antivirus is still advisable on Windows 10, and essential on earlier versions.

    No need to buy though, there are perfectly functional free ones. I would recommend Bitdefender or Avast. Both may nag you to buy the full version, but both provide adequate protection through the free version. In fact if anything I would turn off some of the extra features in Avast.

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    If you do anything related to money on that computer you have to have anti virus software. Using on line banking or buying stuff with a credit card would be pretty foolish.

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    Most bad stuff these days is generically referred to as malware which encompasses everything from viruses to keyloggers to spyware to what ever else nasty you can think of.

    Anti Virus software not only helps keep viruses out but it can also keep quite a bit of malware out in general. They also have the ability to stop you getting caught out by scammers and phishing sites after banking details.

    Personally, I use an anti virus, a few malware detection tools and a firewall on both my operating system and my home router.

    Probably the most respected free Antivirus are Bit Defender, Avera and Avast but depending on which websites you read, they get differing scores.

    As for malware I use the various tools created by Malwarebytes, Privazer and possibly cCleaner.

    This helps keep my Window’s operating systems safe.

    I’ve put Linux back onto my laptop, because she-who-must-be-obayed has zero IT awareness and surfs the web with nary a care in the world safe in the knowledge that I can fix any problems.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I will try some free anti virus.

    I use Norton at the moment and for me it slows my computer down to snails pace with all the intrusive scans that it does.

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