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    Having sold things for years on eBay with no problem, everything I sell recently seems to cause no end of problems. I sold an item last weekend and sent a reminder to buyer to pay as still didn’t have the money a day later and I wanted to get the thing sent. Later that day I received an email from PayPal to say that payer had sent funds but it was coming via e-cheque and not to send it til PayPal had confirmed payment had cleared in my account. I’d never encountered this, so did some googling and found it’s quite common if person doesn’t have funds in their PayPal and no card accredited to account. I messaged seller to explain what was happening and that as soon as I had confirmation, I would send item.
    Buyer messaged me on Wednesday to say her end said she had paid. I checked my PayPal and it was still pending. As I hadn’t received anything from PayPal to confirm, I messaged seller and explained I wouldn’t send til the money was in my account. Got no reply.
    Last night I got an email off PayPal to say the money had not gone through and not to send the item. Checked my PayPal and it’s changed from pending to cancelled.
    Messaged buyer last night with a screenshot of the email and asking do they still want the item? If so I need payment. Buyer not messaged back yet, though I appreciate it’s not yet been 24 hours since I sent that message.

    How long would you give someone? I desperately need to sell this thing as was relying on the cash for something, but eBay is more trouble that it’s worth at the moment and I reckon I could probably sell it through local horse group on Facebook. It’s been a week since the auction ended.

    The same item had sold the week earlier but that buyer messaged and said they hadn’t checked the size so could they cancel, hence why it was relisted.

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