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    ..or is eBay always geared in favour of the buyer?

    Someone is trying to return something to me for a refund. My listing was brutally honest about the item but it seems they can’t read!

    When they first contacted me I offered to take it back but they didn’t send it back and now three weeks later have raised an official return request staying it’s un-useable but it’s a rug with all fastenings and material intact so I can’t see how they can claim this

    I’ve been more than reasonable but they have now had weeks in which to use or damage the rug during the cold spell so I am no longer inclined to accept it back

    So I am wondering what the chances are of this going in my favour

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    Nil to zero I’m afraid.

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    I have, but as a buyer not a seller. Sent money via PayPal and was given a delivery date.. nothing. Seller was strangely reluctant to give me a number to track it. Had enough and opened a dispute, got my money back 10 days later. It really was too large and heavy for the delivery firm to ‘lose’ it and although nothing valuable it was something I really needed at that time.

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    I had a similar situation a month or so ago. I did win the case, but ebay was the one at fault as well as the buyer, and the buyer did return the item in the end (which they shouldn’t have been able to). So ebay paid the money back to me and paid for the postage label.

    I did have to ring them 5+ times to sort it though.

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    This really gets my goat.
    If buying at an auction (which it usually is with eBay) you wouldn’t go back to the auction house and ask for a refund would you!!?? So why do people think that private auction sellers are a shop? 😡

    Unfortunately eBay usually finds in the buyers favour, sorry OP.
    But do contact eBay if you consider them to be returning the item outside of the rules.

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    Hearing all these situations make me no longer want to try and sell anything on eBay.

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    [quote quote=3418]Hearing all these situations make me no longer want to try and sell anything on eBay.[/quote]
    Ditto, I used to sell a fair amount on ebay, but haven’t used my account to sell in ages. These days I use preloved instead.

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    Call them!
    Explain your side, explain issues, they could see all messages.

    I had a couple in the past. One, when buyer claimed wrong item sent (with a couple of strategically taken fotos) and I proved otherwise, ebay gave her money back itself and hadnt charge me.
    Couple of weeks ago a smart arse has changed address on her account after I posted and then promptly opened “not received” case while I was scratching my head how the heck could I have sent to a wrong address. Ebay closed the case immediately.

    Preloved and FB selling pages are biting ebay’s backside big time, they are trying not to loose sellers.

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    I did – but I had to contact their CEO Their complaints system had no way of taking on board the evidence I supplied, until I took it to the top. Had to refund the buyer, get the item back and then take it up with them. They refunded me in full, including the fee I had to pay to have the item examined by a professional and a report written.

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