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    Had a bad couple of days, work has been crazy both physically and mentally (I’m a vet nurse)

    I did too much especially today and although I got home fine I genuinely can’t remember anything about the journey back.

    This has worried me, I remember getting in the car and getting out of car at the end but that’s it.

    Can anyone with fibromyalgia shed some light on this please??!

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    I think problems with memory are quite common in fibromyalgia. My memory has gone shocking- I used to be able to remember everything but my short term memory is appalling now. I can still remember things from a long time ago but I sometimes simply cannot remember what I did two days ago. I’ll also ask the same person the same question several times and not remember I’ve asked them.
    I did mention it to my consultant but he didn’t seem too bothered.

    It’s made my job hard at times, I have to write everything down and have it somewhere I will see it.

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    Nicknamed ‘fibro fog’, I think sometimes you are just so focused on using all your energy to get the next task done, there isn’t enough energy left to remember what wasn’t ‘important’ at the time, if that makes sense. It’s a bit of an auto pilot thing at times and you usually don’t realise you’ve forgotten until you try to think about it.

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    You don’t need fibromyalgia for this. It happened to me and my OH when we had stressful days. You get home and you’ve no idea how you got there, you just drive on autopilot. It’s a well known phenomenon:

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    I have terrible problems with memory loss – have to write everything down, but can then loose my list! I cant remember words, names, what I am doing next etc. I hate it, it makes me feel so old and stupid.

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    Are you on any medication? I don’t have fibro, but arthritis and I can never tell whether its the drugs, or the underlying condition but my memory is absolutely shocking. I am constantly losing keys etc and just having no memory of having gone outside/upstairs with them and other things.

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    I have a wonky memory due to wonky health (under investigation) and it’s pants. I rarely remember journeys, just bits of them. It’s been so long now that this is the norm for me and I no longer stress about it.

    I use my phone a lot to remind me of things. Friends and family are kind and put up with me – gentle reminders and not too exasperated when I’ve forgotten something.

    Workwise I make lists and store in the same places – notebooks doted around the house and car (complete with pens) so I can jot things down. The voice recorder / memo thing on my phone gets used. I send myself emails with the thing in the subject line, so it’s an instant reminder when I look at the email list. A couple of people on client’s sites know I’m a bit wonky and are supportive – I can operate perfectly fine in actual work, it’s just the peripheral stuff that I might forget.

    The hard thing, I find, is the brain fog. That’s blinking difficult to deal with. The pain is just unpleasant and I wouldn’t miss it(!), but the memory thing and brain fog is the most disabling. You have my empathy.

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    Sorry you’re suffering OP but what is fibromyalgia? I’ve Googled it but am none the wiser. Brain fog sounds awful to be honest

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      SC – Fibromyalgia, also called fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. As well as widespread pain, people with fibromyalgia may also have: increased sensitivity to pain. fatigue (extreme tiredness) muscle stiffness – source: NHS website.

      I don’t have it, but friends that do tell me it’s: overall pain first and foremost, then brain fog, and back to the pain (and stiffness). And the fatigue – when having a flare doing something as simple as walking upstairs can leave the person absolutely shattered.

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