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    This youtuber has conclusive proof the world is flat.

    The link is NOT work safe because the commentator uses passionate language that may offend, to prove his superior argument.


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    I’m utterly convinced. Give that man a PhD.

    A little learning is a dangerous thing.

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      Very funny. But also quite disturbing that people can take him seriously and not easily question his statements (no United States? FFS).

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        Come on, surely you can see the corners of the earth on the green screen, and that is most definitely not a continent below the clouds.

        And where is the moon and stars?

        Come on people wake up to the fact that this man is a genius.

        Lets not get into arguments that the moon may have been behind the earth or behind the camera at the time, or that when filming the exposure of the earth may have been too great to cancel out the dimly lit stars in the background.

        In the man’s defence, the rockets did go straight up and straight back down again, proving that the earth is flat otherwise they would have flown around the earth. There must be some sort of trick for the International Space Station though as that keeps flying in the same direction every 90 minutes.

        Wake up people.

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    If the Earth was flat, I would be able to wave at you from my backyard.
    Seeing as I can’t, conclusively proves that the world isn’t flat.
    Things like hedges and stuff getting in the way don’t count.

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