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    Do anyone here on utterz use such bits of kit at home?

    If so what have your experiences been like using them?

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    Couple years ago talking to an inanimate object as though it was a real person would get you put in the nut house.

    These products to me seem to serve Google/amazon more than they would serve me. I have a cd player, computer that can do everything these things can do and I get to keep my privacy.

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    I agree with niles total waste of money and designed to keep you in their system of control.

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    I’ve got the Amazon Echo Dot (the small one) and the Echo Show (the one with the screen). I think they are great. Use one as an alarm clock and lights control in the bedroom and the other one on my desk as a clock-weather-news display, sometimes for background music or appointment reminder.

    The video call features on the Echo Show are disappointing, it doesn’t integrate with enough other devices and I’m not happy about turning over all my contacts from my phone to Amazon. But it’s still well worth the money.

    The speech recognition and AI has come on a long way in the year or so I’ve had the Echo dot. It now answers questions it would have had no chance with when I first got it.

    Best of all I have it programmed to respond to ‘Computer’ like on Star Trek.

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    Bought my wife one for Christmas because she really wanted one. Even though I thought it was a waste of money I reluctantly schelped to the shops and got one.

    Wouldnt be without it now, it’s fantastic.

    (went with the google home).

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    These products to me seem to serve Google/amazon more than they would serve me.

    I agree, for now. There’s obviously potential in the technology but from where I sit, I can’t yet see that anyone’s dropped on the ‘killer app’, to use a dreadful modern phrase, that turns it from something that might save you a couple of seconds checking something online or physically turning some music on, for example. I see the claims about being able to do video calls and for me, that’s something I don’t do; I can only assume that there’s a different generation for whom ‘facetime’ calls are a thing because they aren’t a thing for me or others I know. If I ask one of my nieces or nephews they may explain it to me.

    And then there’s the google/amazon thing. I use both on my PC, my tablet and my phone and they both have their advantages for different things, but plugging one of these gadgets into your home will inevitably lead to enforced adhesion to either the google or amazon system. I’d rather let them fight it out and then if I can see that it would offer me advantages that the technology I currently have does not, then I can get something from whichever has won their format war. And I just can’t see advantages in the ‘smart home’ gadgets that are on sale; lights have switches, as does the heating.

    So not for me; not yet, and possibly not ever. But it is interesting to watch how things are developing.

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    I’ve got an Amazon Echo and a Google Home but I only use Google because here in France the Echo isn’t officially supported so doesn’t properly link to my Prime account. However, I much prefer Google.

    The language is much more natural and you don’t have to ‘remember’ commands – you can just talk to it a bit more simply. She sometimes makes mistakes though.

    Google understands different users by voice so will respond differently if you’re asking what is happening with your day (eg. looking in your calendar) or whatnot. I think with Alexa you have to change profile a bit more explicitly.

    I have a Bose Soundtouch which is frankly rubbish and I’m going to scrap it for some Sonos speakers but at the moment I have it tied into a Chromecast audio, so you can just ask Google to play music to that – in face it can cast to any Cast device so you can ask her to start playing a series on Netflix on the TV for instance.

    I used it this afternoon when our cleaner was here. She doesn’t speak English and I couldn’t remember a particular word in French so I just asked Google and it immediately, correctly answered (with a proper accent too). It was much quicker than getting my phone or a dictionary.

    We use it a lot to add reminders and items to shopping lists. Or if you can’t remember a recipe or how to make a cocktail (ours is in the kitchen but I’m going to get a couple of Google minis) it will help you out.

    There’s quite a few fun Easter eggs in there too if you look (or Google) for them.

    I think Alexa has a head start but the key benefit of Google is the amalgamation of all the other searches going on out there, and the formidable machine learning at Google’s disposal. Since all the processing happens on Google’s servers the experience is improving day by day.

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    Ugh these devices aren’t created for your benefit they are intended to assimilate you into the hive mind.

    For example you have invested in Amazon echo and amazon prime so you only shop on amazon. Also Google home is designed so that you form a habit of only using google to find your information and search the internet.

    These devices might be cool and trendy to have now but in the long term they are super evil. Both are anti competitive and are harming small businesses and this need to stop.

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    Junk but I do like covertly telling other people’s google or amazon systems to set an alarm for 3am every other week.

    Works even better when your neighbor has one of these systems and you can shout from your garden or through the wall to get it going.

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