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    … the other month I bought a Woofords Summer Ale (Sundew?). Heard that it was a bit ‘thin’ so brewed to 20 litres and added 50 g of Chinook hops. Bottled about 4 weeks ago – AMAZING !! Its going for £18 in Wilkos, and is a two can kit so no sugars needed. Stock up now.

    Also the other month I kegged a Coppers stout to which I added damson and blackberry juice (from 4 pounds fruit) and some mollasses. This is also amazing.

    Also also, I managed to make 70+ litres cider – good and strong. Added some campdens to half of it so should keep a while.

    I could go on….I made a list t’other day and if i bottled all my wine I would have 540 bottles !!!

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    That’s going some.

    We focus on cider (7 different types of about 5 gallons each) and a bit of damson/sloe gin.

    Still have the odd bottle from 2015 – very mellow now.

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    Based on advice from here, I made apple wine as well as cider (30 litres this year), and it is incredibly good. I used 15 litre water cooler bottles after its been in the fermenting vessel – got some rubber bungs with a bore of same diameter as the airlocks. And kwikclear finings did the job. The wine is proportionately miles less hassle.

    I’m also having a go at pumpkin wine (got given a load and simply couldn’t chuck them out, and you can have your fill of pumpkin soup!). The wine was fermented with ginger, cinnamon stick, lemons, few cloves, but its miles off yet.

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