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    Any advice welcome please. Car left across road from our house 2 weeks ago – road was running with rainwater & snow melt at the time & we suspect that driver has driven down road at speed & flooded engine – it’s a diesel which I understand might mean it needs a new engine – it’s a 60 plate BMW. It’s in a rural conservation area & parked across from our yard making exiting difficult – ie 2 or 3 forward & back manoeuvres needed to exit rather than just being able to drive directly out. As husband & I have both had problems with this we’ve started driving out in opposite direction & then turning round to come back in direction we need to go in. So, not desperate but serious hassle BTW road to right if we just follow it as opposed to turning round means a c 2 or 3 miles detour to get back to where we want to be so not a great option.

    Police say car is road legal & not reported stolen so they’re not interested. Local council (Bradford Met) say they’ll try to contact registered keeper about it & we can phone back in a couple of weeks to ask about progress.

    DVLA won’t allow us to find out who registered keeper is without letter of permission from landowner – BFD Met in this case.

    Legal advice is that we have to rely on Bfd Met dealing with it.

    Just asking in case anyone can suggest anything else we can do that’s legal please.

    Just feel that had it been stolen and/or obviously abandoned it would have been dealt with by now & we’re fed up with the situation.

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    Best wishes

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    Is it parked illegally?

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    I believe for a small fee the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) will give you the insurance details if the car is insured (as you mentioned road legal) You can then contact his insurer and tell them the vehicle is abandoned. They will contact their policy holder as it would be a violation of most policy terms. Apart from anything else they are probably covered for the damage if they are fully comp as most are these days.

    Its also entirely possible the insurer is well aware but hasn’t got round to collecting a vehicle that could be a write off after being told it’s somewhere free and legal to park and the owner is driving round in a replacement car none the wiser.

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    Mike w

    Searching the internet seems to suggest that moving the car with a trolley jack under the rear wheels, just far enough for it to no longer bother you, would be a mild enough an action for you to not actually be charged with anything ultimately, if no damage is caused.

    Which isn’t the legal solution you were after, but it might be a solution…:)

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