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    I’m considering getting in a cleaner, at least in the short term. So I have a few questions, because I’ve not had one in this country!

    1. How do I find one? Companies, or someone private?
    2. How are cleaners paid (by hour/minimum number of hours), and what’s a ballpark range?
    3. I really need help doing a proper spring clean/evicting scary spiders. Are there cleaners that would do a one-off, and how much might I expect to pay for something like that?

    For info, I have a small 2-bedroom cottage with living room, kitchen, bath; no stairs.

    Any advice appreciated! I’m so overwhelmed at the moment with other stuff in my life; I need to get my place to be nice to be in!

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    I’ve had a couple of cleaners in the past and found them through word of mouth but you do sometimes see ads in the local free ad mags. You can normally ask them to do as many or as few hours as you want but obviously it would have to fit in with their other jobs. Mine charged about £10 – £12 per hour but that might vary from county to county I guess? You could ask them to do a big clean initially and pay for an entire day or whatever or you could contact one of those companies who advertise one off cleans as well as regular cleans.

    Good luck finding someone and I hope having a lovely clean house makes other stuff seem better!

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    1. Word of mouth locally to find someone privately would be my suggestion. We have a village Facebook site that is very well used.
    2. Generally by the hour. Price will be dependent on area, where I am now around £10 an hour is going rate. Before I moved it was a struggle to find someone honest and reliable for £15 an hour.
    3. Most cleaners will do a spring clean on an hourly rate. If it helps I have a similar sized cottage to you and have 2 hours/week for the basics then every 3 months or so will have a 4 hour spring clean

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    I would just advertise on your local shops post board, and if anyone calls ask what they charge? I pay £20 a week to mine, for one days work. She basically flushes three toilets and hoovers the house lol

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    If you just need a one-off spring clean, then contact a company and they will do a one-off, if you need Regular cleaner then it’s best to use word-of-mouth to find a good one.

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    Word of mouth. Failing that if your local area has a “mums” page on Facebook, as they are a great place to get recommendations.
    Down south, going rate is £10-15 an hour. For a one off clean, try a company such as Molly Maid.

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    just another Dave

    My wife is a manager of several district nursing teams and we employ one of her retired DN sisters as our cleaner. Her husband does the garden in the Summer. We had great fun leaving her notes addressed as Dear Employees and getting them back as Dear Management.

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    Using a company will usually mean that even if your “regular” cleaner is off you’ll get someone cleaning your house whereas if it’s a private arrangement if they’re ill on on holiday then there’s no one to cover. Companies are usually more expensive as obviously they have more overheads but will be insured for any damage etc. One off deep cleans will often be charged at a higher rate.

    I have a privately arranged cleaner and pay £9 per hour. The positive is she does laundry and ironing as well as cleans. Downside is she has been ill quite a lot lately and last year took a six week holiday to visit a sister abroad.

    My aunt uses a company and pays £13.50 per person per hour and they only work in pairs, they often say they’re finished long before their allotted time of one hour and seem incapable of finding jobs to do to fill the time they are paid for. They also don’t empty the hoover despite being asked to do so several times.

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    Wow, loads of useful answers! Thanks all! Am not sure where I would find community board in big city, but may be able to find local FB pages and ask friends. Sounds like private is the way to go for my circumstances; now to ask around and find someone!

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    We put an ad in the local paper and picked the best sounding one..a few people applied so it was worth a try. We pay £10 an hour and she does 4 hours a week, which is a bit unecessary imo, but OH arranged it. Id have thought 3 hours for a house this size is enough (medium size cottage).

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    Word of mouth is the best way but it’s a question of luck finding a good person
    I had cleaners for years two days a week .
    When the last one retired I got in a well known franchise they were good at first but I had issues with them leaving the house unlocked ( because they forgot the key ) and leaving early ( my groom snitched on them and confirmed what I thought ) I then had to threaten them with legal action to recover the cost of changing locks to get my key back . So I won’t do that again .
    I do it myself now and have more hours help on the yard .
    However I would use a franchise for a one off deep clean.

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    I have had four private ones, all around £10 an hour, all absolutely wonderful. I prefer this to an agency as I trust my own judgement rather than the agency recruitment.

    The ones I have had have also been great at letting the dogs out and putting them away. Some have been more thorough than others, but all have been trustworthy.

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    I used to be a self employed housekeeper & would answer adverts in local shops etc & gave references to potential clients. They always commented that they used certain national/ local impersonal services before & weren’t impressed. As long as they have references I would go for independent housekeeper. We have more pride in our work as reputation is everything.

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