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    Has spread through my nearest and dearest like wildfire, mine struck on Boxing Night and have been surviving on Belvita biscuits and dioralyte since. I mean one packet yesterday and one today.
    Really hungry but also conscious that it ain’t going to stay down for long.

    Any fellow sufferers? Just off to paint a black cross on the front door.

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    You have my sympathy, it’s utterly horrid. I found downing water helped as it was better than dry heaving when nothing was left to come up

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    Chris B

    I have not had the norvovirus but I currently have the mucus cough virus which also involved throwing up and not being able to eat. I had the rehydration sachets. I have this virus for over two weeks now. The only good thing about the norovirus is most people seem to recover within a few days so hopefully won’t be long till you feel better.

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    You have my sympathies.
    To get rid of it:
    Don’t eat anything for 24 hours. Only clear fluids – water, black tea and coffee. Vodka doesn’t count.

    Wash your hands a lot especially before eating. Wipe surfaces like door handles with disinfectant. Wash towels and bedding on 60 degrees.
    Good luck.

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    I don’t know what I have but it started on Boxing Day night with sickness that lasted pretty much all of the next day and now I am contending with a literal waterfall of mucus, yum, but I guess I do feel better. I used to be impervious to germs, hardly ever got colds or other bugs, until I started taking medication that surpresses my immune system. It really (literally) blows getting every stupid cold/flu bug doing the rounds! Hope all the afflicted are soon feeling 100% again!

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    Sounds like I might have a combination of both lol as I woke up with a sore throat on Christmas Day and am also very mucusy.
    I am a bit of a dirty bird, don’t wash my hands enough, so will have to be more fastidious. Have already washed everything and bleached the surfaces and got the alcohol gel out.

    Thanks everyone. Have just eaten two clementines, rock n roll! Going to try and do Christmas again at Easter

    I do tend to be generally robust (all the germs lol) so it’s annoying to have been hit with two humdingers in eight months.

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    i had it couple weeks ago…. as did my daughter several days earlier and my son with me…Nothing worse than trying to juggle buckets and towels with visits to the loo between yourself and your child!
    I’m so rarely ill, it hit me very hard..I felt so weak.

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    I had this about 10 years ago – worst week of my life! I’ve had stomach bugs and food poisoning since, but nothing comes close (thankfully)

    The best advice I got was DONT EAT. Your body can’t cope and unless you’ve got any underlying medical issues you should be healthy enough to do without food for 24 hours. Sip liquids – flat lemonade is good – to stay hydrated. It usually takes 3-4 days for the sickness side to reduce and then you spend another 3-4 days feeling horrendous. People often go back to work as soon as the sickness dies down and end up spreading it. My old job had a rule that no one was to return to their desk until 7 days after they’d last been sick.

    White rice was also recommended for when I was hungry again. Apparently it’s gentle on the tummy. I was craving salt by this time so I was eating heavily salted rice for 2 days.

    Just so you know…alcohol gel doesn’t actually kill norovirus!
    Hope you feel better soon, noro is horrid.

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    We were all due to have a big family Christmas at my daughter’s finally finished house… she was so excited. Until that is, her OH was struck by norovirus Christmas Eve and she had to cancel everyone. She caught it Boxing Day and is now over the sickness but can’t face food and feels dreadful. Strangely 3 year old Grandson has escaped it so far. They have an awful lot of food gone to waste

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    I haven’t caught anything yet, surprisingly, as I catch everything.

    One of my brothers has that horrible cold/cough virus thing and was in bed and seemed very fluey for 2/3 days. I’ve surprisingly managed to avoid it so far but I can feel a cold coming on (or I’m having an allergic reaction to either my horse or the haylage possibly?). Since I had glandular fever, I seem to catch everything and sore throats are much much worse than they seem to be for a normal person and I have to take anti inflams to be able to swallow. I was very ill just before last christmas with an awful cough/cold and couldn’t swallow anything so I’m hoping I’ve avoided it all this year.

    Hope you are all feeling better soon, it’s awful to get sick around christmas time

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    This was me on Christmas Day in the afternoon too 🙁
    though I don’t think it was Noro this time, as by 10pm in Boxing Day I felt wiped out but ok ish.

    It’s miserable 🙁 keep chugging the liquid and when you are up to it, BRAT diet to recover. Hope you’re over the worst by now.

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    I always find “fat” lemonade is very good when dealing with a funny tummy. The bubbles are gentle on the system and as it is loaded with sugar, it gets your blood sugar up which can make you feel a bit better.

    I remember having it the December I was due to go to Olympia – worst week of my life, not sure whether to sit on the loo and be sick in a bucket or do it the other way around!!!

    Plus. living by yourself means no one to help clear up! My family would come nowhere near me while I was ill – so much for family solidarity!

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    I have a legit phobia of viruses like this so going to be avoiding this thread from here on out! Had Norovirus once though- @guy actually you shouldn’t be consuming sugary things like lemonade as it ‘feeds’ the bug in your stomach etc.

    Please ensure you stay out of society for at least 48 hrs after your last vomiting episode!
    good luck! x

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    I put my husband in quarantine for 48hrs. He had to spend it in the ex garage now converted to playroom/office. Myself and 2 sons managed to avoid it.

    I went mad disinfecting anything he may have touched!!!

    Hope all sufferers get well soon.

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    Oh dear, poor you. I genuinely live in fear of catching this virus! Thanks for painting the black cross as I now know where to avoid!! My mum swears by flat fat coke for any stomach upset. When I’ve had it previously I’ve kept bleach and dettol wipes next to the loo to wipe round after each use. It’s miserable isn’t it, but hopefully doesn’t last more than a few days!

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    You have my sympathies Noro is the most vile illness.
    Soap and water is the only thing that kills it on skin (alcohol gel doesn’t) also best to just drink clear fluids and let it rub its course, any diarrhoea ease will just prolong as your body needs to remove the bug.
    I had it and could barely keep anything down for 6days even sips of water I was so dehydrated I very nearly went to hospital (man you prob would have but being a health professional we tend to wait till we’re near death to attend!) once I kept water down I drank bottles of lucozade sport and plain food (scrambled egg, mashed potato) little and often took another 5days before I was able to go back to work!
    Remember 48hours after symptoms finish before you return to civilisation

    Currently full of cold/chest infection and sucking but you have reminded me it could be worse!!

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    I had it last year on Christmas day evening.

    I couldn’t eat for about 26-28hours (no urge to either) and I couldn’t drink for about 6-7 hours. Even slightly warmed water was chucked back up.

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

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    just another Dave

    I had it on a skiing holiday in the alps a few years back. Vomiting every 20 minutes for 4 days on the run, blacked out, burst all the blood vessels in my nose and lost nearly a stone in that time. It really was the most horrific virus I’ve ever had.

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