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    Id love to be taller.. who wouldn’t! As a kid I had my growth spurt to early which meant I was the tallest in my primary school class for years but like Daniel Radcliffe in Harry potter..I never did get any taller. Now I am in my 20’s and at 5 ft 6 Iv lost hope of ever growing taller as I am presuming my growth plates have now closed so was wondering if there was any other way to increase my height a bit more… For example not looking to reach the height of Robert Wadlow at 8 ft 11 and 37 shoe size!

    Any ideas would be great, please don’t be to brutal 😉


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    Here are some tips:

    -Stand up straight. Tell people what you actually think (without being an arse) and look them in the eye while you do it……most people will naturally assume you’re taller than you are
    -Kick everybody you meet in the groin, they will stoop allowing you to be the tallest. (There are several reasons why this might not be a good idea).
    -Sleep in a grow-bag –
    -Indoors stand on boxes especially in photos. Outdoors stand on small boulders
    Move to North Korea where everyone is small.
    -You could always carry a big magnifying glass in front of you to make you look taller…
    -Just get over it.

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    In short no, unless expensive surgery on the legs. My brother in law is smaller than you, he uses shoes with built up soles, not quiet platforms.

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    The only sure way is to choose taller parents and make sure you have good diet as a child. In your 20s – sorry, you can’t. You could cheat and wear platform shoes…but the only things worse than a man with platform shoes is a Trump-style orange comb-over.

    On the limited off-chance that this is a serious question, the good news is that it doesn’t matter. Don’t obsess about a superficial thing that you can’t change. Just concentrate on making the most of your talents, do (or find) the things you love doing and spend your time with people that matter to you.

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    It is actually possible. Google Ilizarov frame. My son is currently regrowing 10cm of bone that he lost in a motorcycle accident. He’s had the frame on for three months and expects it to be on for another 18 months. It can be quite painful. Infection can be an issue as there are pins running right through your bones. Might be awkward to get around if you had both legs done at once. I doubt you can get it done for cosmetic reasons on the NHS, but I expect that, somewhere in the world, it would be available privately.

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    just another Dave

    Your growth plates at the ends of your long bones would have fused by now so that rules out human Growth Hormone treatment.

    I guess you could go the full Jude Law/Gattaca and have your leg bones sawn then wired & braced with gaps so they heal longer. It would mean 6-8 weeks off walking and maybe up to 6months from doing anything more than casual walking in terms of impact whilst the bone remodels. You could expect to be taller in around 18months post op but is apparently mind bending excruciatingly painful!

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    5 ft 6 in is small relative to population average, but in absolutely no way pathologically so. No orthopaedic surgeon would (or at least should) offer corrective surgery for cosmetic/psychological reasons.

    My recommendation to the OP would be to either learn to accept looking how they are, or alternatively putting on some muscle, especially in the core, as a straighter posture can leave a “bigger” impression. Just look at Olympic gymnasts, they are typically quite a bit smaller than 5 ft 6 in!

    Which of the two is the easier option is of course hard to tell and probably down to the individual.

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    Thanks for all your comments guys. Surgery is not something that I would want to do. Sounds too drastic and could go wrong. Was thinking more in terms of Cuban shoes without the obvious big heels. Plus you are right about accepting myself for who I am! Now I think about it.. getting taller is only too please other people and to stop snide comments from people. BUT if people draw their own confidence from putting down people who are smaller than they are in height that says more about them and it should be them who should be looking to change not me. Also, lots of celebs such as prince etc were small but that didn’t stop them being successful!

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    One of my friends wears height increasing insoles that you basically put inside your shoes and they will make you a couple inches taller. I have tried them for myself and they do work and are quite comfortable to wear. Because they are discreetly placed inside you normal shoes and increase your heel height from within it means that they are hidden and out of sight… so you save yourself the embarrassment of people knowing that you are trying to increase you height by wearing high heels! I think if you are wanting to increase your height this is the safest fastest and best way and beats doing lots of stretching exercises that may or may not work and you see results a lot faster (instantly)!

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    I’m 6′ 4″, 35″ leg trousers, size 13 shoes. I’d happily shrink about 4″ (taken off leg length, ideally mostly off upper leg so I don’t have to pay for extra legroom on flights) and 2 shoe sizes, to be honest.

    The moral of the story is probably just to be happy with who you are

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