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    *Disclaimer this article is purely for educational purposes only. I do not encourage anyone to try this method because it is high immoral and could potentially land you in a lot of trouble if caught.
    If anything this article should be used as a way of protecting your own site from such a negative seo attack.

    You have a really great website that you have put tons of effort into creating, but for some dumb reason google wants to rank all of your competitors above you. This means you are pushed to the deep dark depths of the search results never to be seen by anyone and never to make any money at all, but it doesn’t have to be like this. You can actually take down you competitors site by filling their database full to the brim of junk rendering their site useless allowing you to climb the rankings and take your rightful position.

    Using imacros you can create a simple script that can be used to fill forms on a competitors websites over and over again. The more junk that the forms allow you to fill the better as the aim of the game is to use up as much space on the competitors database as possible.
    The average website host will be allocate around 2gb of database storage to a website this equates to around 2.5 billion characters worth of data which does sound a lot however in the world of bots and automation this space can be quickly filled!
    If you manage to find a form on a competitor website that allows you to submit even just 100 characters at a time for example a newsletter form you can in theory run 10 separate Firefox windows all playing the same imacros form filling script enabling you to submit 1000 characters a second (in theory) and because there are 86400 seconds in a day you are well on your way to taking down a site. Submitting newsletter subscriptions is also a double whammy because the website will also use up further resources emailing the fake emails every time they send out a newsletter email and can even get their servers blocked by email services if you use or at the end of your fake emails. If you find a submission form that allows you to submit even more data such as comment and review forms the time it takes you to take down the site is greatly reduced.

    Even though you may think that your competitors may deserve to be taken down (im not disputing that) taking down a website can be very resource intensive and if you are caught you might be prosecuted for ddos’ing. Furthermore even if you do take down a couple of your competitors and they disappear from the search results another one might just take its place and forever you will be stuck taking down sites rather than concentrating on your own site. So it may not be really worth it.

    How to protect your own site?
    How to protect your site if you are under this kind of attack is quite simple. All sites that use forms or vulnerable to this kind of attack making sure to detect unusual activity early is key to stopping someone from sabotaging your site. One of the ways to stop scripts from filling your database is to simply use captcha that only a human can complete properly before any data is stored in your database.

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