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    A friend of mine was pulled over by the police last night in a random spot check and was told he had not posessed a valid driving license for four years. The license was revoked because he didn’t pay a speeding fine. The trouble is that when the alleged speeding fine occurred, my friend was living in France, not the UK, and he never recieved any notification of a speeding ticket issued to the driver of a car he used to have some association with (presumably). If there was paperwork, it never made it to Paris. Apparently a court case was held in absentia in 2014 and my friend was convicted of a speeding offense he knew nothing about.

    He tells me the DVLA and courts won’t even tell him what vehicle was involved, so he has no idea if it was someone who duplicated plates, forged a v5, not sent one in after he sold a car, or anything else. He is in the process of finding himself a lawyer.

    The astounding thing is that no one noticed, all the while he has been insuring vehicles every year and happily going about his business. His license has his current address, where he’s been living since returning from France in 2015.

    Anyone ever heard of anything like this?

    Only lucky thing really is that my friend was out with his climbing buddy (my replacement flatmate after nightmare flatmate), who could drive the car on his own insurance. Otherwise the car would have been impounded!

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    I parked illegally in a marketplace in Sicily a few years back (couldn’t read the signs, whoops). I had to pay to get the car out of the pound, and was fined by the hire company.
    About two years later I got a lovely £300 fine from the town council which, after seeking advice I decided to pay in case it was ever flagged up when I went to travel in Europe again.
    The joke was it came in a beautiful manila envelope with Italic writing and I thought it was a wedding invite or something. The postman actually waited to see what it was as it was so lovely looking and he was intrigued.
    He then felt really guilty and said if he’d known he wouldn’t have made me sign for it

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    Cloned plates are a problem. I knew someone who kept getting parking tickets from Coventry when he’d never been in Coventry in his life. The police found out that someone cloned his number plate. At least he got the letters and could fix it without too much hassle. But when the police use a number plate in a speeding case as evidence of the drivers’ identity, when they can be so easily cloned, it’s worrying! Could happen to anyone.

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    @duck Yes, my friend’s tractor got cloned and he got a speeding ticket for doing whatever it is in km/hr round the M50 in Dublin. At least they believed him when he said that his tractor couldn’t go that fast.

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    Presumably he can prove he was in Paris? Bank statements etc would show that he wasn’t here on the date and wasn’t here to receive his post.

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    I watched a police interceptors where a similar thing happened. Licence was revoked by the dvla due not paying fine but he hadnt changed his address so didnt recieve any letters. Got stopped and told he hadnt had a license for the last 4 years. Car seized and point/fine for no licence or insurance!

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    My friend just had similar. His was revoked for medical reasons though, as he didnt respond to a request for further information. Hes lived at the same address for 9yrs, his driving licence is registered to that address as well. They sent the letters to an address from 10yrs ago!

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    Slightly different but… I lived in Cyprus and used to enjoy going over the North for short breaks, day trips, meals out etc. For those who don’t know, you have to go through border control and have a separate piece of paper stamped to keep in your passport and if driving, you buy separate insurance.

    So on one of many jaunts, with friends and a couple of holiday makers we decided to park in Nicosia and walk through border control. My friend was faffing about parking legally and I made a joke about not getting parking tickets but being stopped for speeding occasionally.

    So at border control we stood in the queue as it was a busy Saturday and I get to my turn, the officer looks at my passport, summons the guard (looking ferocious as usual with a gun) and I get told I have a problem with an unpaid speeding fine which I had absolutely no idea of from a few months before. And that I was not allowed in North Cyprus again unless I pay the fine. So it was either pay up or no go.

    I had no recollection of getting zapped while speeding as usually they get you while sitting in their car, stop you, tell you off and because I’m a blonde female get let off. So I agree to pay but as I hadn’t got any cash on me, was escorted by an armed guard to the nearest bank in the North to then go back and pay.

    I was rather red faced by then and have been told to always keep the paperwork with me if I go to North Cyprus. I have been since but didn’t show the paperwork…

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