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    An odd one for the Apple experts…

    Sister in Law has just got an iPhone 6. Only issue is, it refuses to send texts to two different android phones. However other android phones, (including mine), are unaffected.

    The iPhone can still receive texts from the two android phones, but cannot send. It just generates an ‘undelivered’ message.

    I’ve suggested the obvious over the phone, check that it sends SMS and not iMessage, refresh the network, tried using +44 and 0044 prefixes, switch it on and off again… Also checked the network settings etc on Mrs Ridge’s phone, identical settings to mine on the same network.

    Any ideas? (iStaff are blaming it on nasty androids…).

    Thanks in advance.

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    My boss has the same problem with her iphone and my android phone, she can’t text it. Needless to say I haven’t investigated further…

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    One possibility is a real ugly wart from Apple…

    If the number now associated with an android phone used to be associated with an iPhone, the number will be registered for iMessage with Apple’s servers, and all iPhones will by default send an iMessage not an SMS to that number, which will stall with Apple.

    See here for how to fix this –

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    If you aren’t careful, I phones default to using apple messenger rather than SMS texts. Usually you can tell by the colour of the ‘bubble’ in the message composition.

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    Have you tried swapping SIMs between one of the Android phones that does receive texts from the iPhone 6, and one of the ones that doesn’t? (Don’t forget to send the test texts to the right numbers!)

    If the same phone still doesn’t receive texts even with a different SIM in then that may, indeed, suggest that the problem is at least partly due to the receiving phone (though I struggle to understand how, and I’d bet that the iStaff couldn’t offer a rational explanation for it either, if pressed – but blaming Android is a good way to try to get their support call closed).

    If texts don’t get delivered to the previously OK android phone when it has the SIM from the problematic phone in it then that would suggest that there is a problem with the number, and I’d say that would most likely be something to do with how the iPhone is trying to deliver the message.

    If both phones receive texts OK after the SIM swap, or neither phone does, then something else even weirder is going on!

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