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    After reading a study online about the effects diet drinks can have on your health… I’m never going to drink an artificially sweetened drink again. A seventeen year study of four thousand people, properly scientifically analyzed, has found a three times risk of having a stroke or developing dementia if you drink ONE a day

    That’s too big to ignore, I quit.

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    I don’t believe in drinking or eating anything with the word diet in it!

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    I gave them up a couple of years ago, they don’t do you any good at all.

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    I think that is a pretty small sample size, but I quit Diet drinks a 18 months ago too.

    I was told that when you drink a diet drink your body prepares for sugar, as it tastes sweet. No sugar comes, so your body is left all unbalanced. Also, your body does not know what to do with chemicals, it does not recognise it as “food” and therefore puts it into a safety mode, trapped in fat.

    It may well be from the same study, and small size or not it is worrying. I do hope they do more research. I was told that a lot of the issues we have with health is from diet meals, drinks etc, and the sad thing is that people think they are doing the right thing. Sugar is something you get used to, and learning to drink water instead took some doing.

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    Link to the article if anyone is interested:

    It’s not brilliant study – from a quick skim, the results are only significant in one of the models. When more variables are accounted for, the p-values are no longer significant, which raises alarm bells for me.

    ( Model 2 adjusts for age, sex, total caloric intake, education, the dietary guidelines adherence index, self reported physical activity, and smoking status. = significant p-values)

    Model 3 adjusts for age, sex, education, total caloric intake, systolic blood pressure, treatment of hypertension, prevalent cardiovascular disease, atrial fibrillation, left ventricular hypertrophy, total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, prevalent diabetes mellitus, waist to hip ratio, and positivity for at least 1 APOE ε4 allele = not significant p-values

    I’d put more stake in Model 3, if it were me, but not an area I have any expertise in!)

    There’s a nice summary in the Independent, which from a glance at the paper seem to reflect my views:

    In summary: yeah, they probably aren’t great for you, but this study doesn’t prove anything conclusively.

    Sorry to bang on, but to be fair to the authors, they have included this nice wee caveat in their discussion: “Second, the observational nature of our study precludes us from inferring
    causal links between artificially sweetened beverage consumption and the risks of stroke and dementia.” Correlation does not equal causation (my favourite topic) strikes again!

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    Good luck!
    I read the study but will continue to drink diet drinks. I’m type one diabetic, I eat low carb high fibre, don’t smoke, certainly don’t do drugs and rarely drink so a nice cold can of Diet Coke is a nice treat. I’ve cut back a lot on carbonated drinks but I restrict enough in my life. I’ll take the risk.

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    I gave up Diet Coke (the one I mainly drank) and honestly you feel so much better! I didn’t give up as such but more just stop drinking it, I allow myself to only have diet 7up if I really want something fizzy.
    Allowing yourself a compromise is easier than a sudden stop lol.

    The article I don’t believe. Many things can speed up dementia and age is one of them

    plus many people who drink diet sodas are overweight so at higher risk of most diseases.
    Did they account for co-morbities such as diabetes, cancer etc.? Or neuro stuff like stroke or TIAs?

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    @howard Interesting, thank you. I read it in the Telegraph, and that failed to point out the flaws in the study.

    I’m sufficiently concerned with the correlation, given that my dad had ischemic strokes on a regular basis before he died.

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    @niles I’m sorry about your dad and can see why a story like this would give you concern. After all, it is a risk that you need to judge for yourself, so if you decide this is enough to stop you drinking diet drinks, then fair enough.

    The point I was (rather clumsily) trying to make, is that there are many things that can appear to correlate with a condition, but are not necessarily a factor which can cause the condition. It’s something that doesn’t get a lot of attention, and that’s something I think is quite alarming.

    For example, there is a brilliant (and very light-hearted) website which shows many spurious correlations – for example, cheese consumption vs people who die tangled in bedsheets. The correlation looks fab and the graph is great, but we all know that the more cheese that is eaten isn’t a cause of people getting tangled in their bedsheets,
    so it’s not particularly meaningful. This study is a bit like that.

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    I’d love to give up diet drinks, but I can’t seem to find an alternative that works.

    I try and go for the caffeine free varieties. I am over weight, so drinking calories is a huge no no, which excludes most things other that water. Of course water is an option, however every time I try to stick to it I end up with a splitting sore head from dehydration, I find I just don’t drink enough of it.

    I also don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t drink tea or coffee etc, diet drinks are the lesser evil sometimes!

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    Flavor your water, Alainax. I got a water container and steeped lemon, mint, cucumber overnight which is amazing, although I worry about the effect of the lemon juice on my tooth enamel.

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    just another Dave

    I have a total Diet Coke addiction but have given up on a number of occasions – I felt no better at all, so I don’t bother about it now.

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    If fizzy diet drinks dehydrate you I would be dead .
    It’s simply not true that this happens.
    At one point I lived abroad and in big areas you could not drink water it was not safe but you could get and drink Coke and Diet Coke and that what we drunk. it was hot and we where exercising we did not dehydrate and die.

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    I can’t bear diet drinks, find them absolutely rank and avoid artificial sweetener in every thing else as well. I rarely drink pop and if I do its generally ginger beer when I am ill. I have a poor thirst reflex so have to make an effort to keep hydrated-lots of water and tea.

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    I rarely drink anything fizzy. Sets off my reflux, I’ve never been much of a diet drinker anyway.

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    I cant stand the taste of any artificial sweetener, hate the fact that a lot of drinks, cordial and fizzy have this stuff in them, As Cinnamon toast said, try naturally flavored water, I love fizzy water with just about any fruit juice added. Just a hint of fruit is refreshing…that saves me calories so I can keep drinking wine/beer
    Seriously though, fruit n fizzy is lovely, especially mandarin, or make up your own mocktails.

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    I mostly drink San Pelligrino. Water, so no sweetner, but slightly fizzy as opposed to huge bubbles.

    If I have tap water I will squirt some lemon juice in.

    When I left work I 2014 I was drinking 3 or 4 cans of Diet Coke a day. I also craved sugar, so had ice cream. I can see that the Diet Coke made my body prepare for sugar, so when none came I craved the ice cream to get the sugar hit.

    These days if I have a sugar crave I have a shot of greens juice with smoothie. It is what I call honest calories!

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    What about other junk drinks like coke etc?

    I know someone who had a minor stroke age 30 and he was told it was from drinking red bull excessively and working long hours (farmer).

    I only drink highland spring sparkling water. I just hope they don’t find a health risk with that!

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    What about other junk drinks like coke etc?

    I know someone who had a minor stroke age 30 and he was told it was from drinking red bull excessively and working long hours (farmer).

    I only drink highland spring sparkling water. I just hope they don’t find a health risk with that!

    @scarymary Anything with artificial sweeteners in… Aspartame was banned in the US but is in everything here.

    Your farmer guy sounds like his stroke was caused by stress.

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    I gave up anything with Aspartame in it years ago, it made me so ill I could barely function. I caused panic at work when I become so light sensitive I locked myself in a store room and went to sleep. After that my boss insisted I went to the doctors, it was the pharmacy that twigged what it was. The moment I cut out aspartame from my diet I was fine. Horrid stuff. It gave me migraines , shakes and dizziness, how I kept going I have no idea.

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    I drink a can of Diet Coke most days, at lunchtime.

    I am a fit, slim, strong and healthy size 10 at 50 (touches wood).

    I also stuff my face with bread, chips, salted butter, full-fat cheese, strong black coffee, wine and chocolate when and where I feel I need it. The rest of the time my preference is raw fruit & veg, a bit of fish or meat, a bite of cheese and water.

    Life kills you.

    I’d rather enjoy the journey indulging in everything on occasion than fret about which bit of research may or may not be proved right, longterm.


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    its going to be pretty difficult to find fizzies with just natural sugar soon. I’d like the odd glass of Cherry Coke or an artificial sweetener free tonic water to put in my gin! When will folk wise up and realise that natural is better than artificial? It all boils down to this really I think.
    Also the obsession about obesity, I wonder if any bigbrains have studied why obesity is so rife now? Could it be the effect of processed ready meals and the like, I really think it has a lot to do with it…..and lack of exercise, and lack of sports in schools compared to years ago, and PCs…oh I dunno, every problem has a lot of complex origins.

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    Are flavored sparkling waters as bad, I like sainsburys apple and kiwi. Can’t bear coke, fanta etc but am partial to ginger beer.

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