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    I’m having serious issues staying asleep, going to sleep is no problem, bed by 11.30. Inevitably, I need the bathroom at 3 ish even if I haven’t drunk anything, after which I have issues going back to sleep. I’m now in the habit of de-camping to the spare room so as not to disturb the OH. I’d rather not go down the route of separate rooms! I’m not feeling stressed or mind racing, just can’t get back to sleep.

    I have some pills which helped (Sleep Aid) but I hear melatonin might be better or work well in tandem with SA. Does anyone have experience/success stories/supplier recommendations? Or would Nytol or something work to keep me asleep?

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    Oh I so feel your pain re this, again I can get to sleep but wake up between 1-2 and then can’t get back to sleep properly again.

    Interested re responses xx

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    I have similar problems (no issue going to sleep, plenty staying asleep resulting in me being exhausted) I had a sleep study and it’s thought to be linked to mental health problems such as anxiety. I’ve also been given melatonin to try- I just haven’t yet for fear of oversleeping! But yes, definitely worth a chat with your GP

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    I tried melatonin and I’m one of the unlucky that get the side effect of really itchy skin with it.

    I keep irregular hours with work – and when I do go to bed its’ usually running around in my head like a ferret on expresso

    So I use chamomile, calif. poppy, passiflora and valerian in combination. I buy them as fluid extract strengths from Panacea Health and combine them in about equal measures. I need about 15 -20 mls to get me to sleep because I’m accustomed to it now, friends who have tried the sleep mix usually need about 5-10 mls and it knocks them out for hours

    I don;t use it every night, but when I do it’s a blessed relief

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    There’s a theory that this was more common and used to good effect when we all went to bed earlier. Go to bed when it’s dark, wake up a bit later, think, read (if you could afford candles), kiss & cuddle for a bit, then go back to sleep.

    The myth of the eight-hour sleep:

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      “It took some time for their sleep to regulate but by the fourth week the subjects had settled into a very distinct sleeping pattern. They slept first for four hours, then woke for one or two hours before falling into a second four-hour sleep.”

      This is me, exactly! Sadly, when I fall asleep after my one or two hour waking period, I then have an hour or so before having to go to this blasted thing called work. Currently, it being the holiday, I’m following the pattern described in the link.

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        Aha! Not so much a sleep problem as a work problem…

        Seriously, I hope you can find something that helps. Anecdotally, I know that some people have tried eating a handful of nuts before bed. Not sure of the science behind that, if any, but it is a cheap starting point if you can digest them.

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    You could try 5htp too, from Holland and Barrett. It’s a seratonin based product.

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    Might sound a bit counter-intuitive, but to avoid the need for the bathroom, try drinking more!! If you drink through the evening, so your body has got rid of any toxins etc before bedtime, then you shouldn’t get the urge part way through the night. I’ll drink at least a pint of a weak squash, just make sure the last goes down about 30 mins – hour before bed. May be worth a try….. I just wish I could get to sleep in the first place, that’s my problem!!

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    I used melatonin for a bit-ime it doesn’t necessarily stop you from waking up-you just fall asleep easier/more quickly. mine came from the US and I actually took 1/2 the recommended dose after reading up on the internet.It can make you feel quite foggy in the morning.
    I had a similar sleep issue last year for months (without the bladder bit). I think it was hormones with me with associated anxiety (even though I wasn’t lying there stressing) and its sorted itself out but it is miserable.

    I would not use it long term and I would avoid it if you are on any sort of anti-depressant or high BP and read up online about possible side affects.

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    When I had a period of disturbed sleep pattern, I didn’t find 5HTP or melatonin helped at all. It’s broken down too quickly by the body.

    I tried a course of magnesium and b vitamins and that had the best effect and I was much calmer during the day too.

    Drinking during the week was my main enemy and since I’ve stopped that things have also improved.

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    I have some melatonin and I found that although it worked ok after a few days the effect wore off – presumably supplementing means your body stops making its own? So I alternate with valerian root which is the main ingredient in Nytol and although I do wake up I can get back to sleep. I also take magnesium anyway to accompany vitamin D

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    I take melatonin in a pill with passiflora and valerian from time to time. I take half the dose, which just takes the edge off, and don’t feel foggy in the morning. There was something on the news this morning about the side effects of it (which I didn’t have time to watch so hope it comes on later) and my chemist told me not to take it too often at my age (pre-menopause) because it will switch off the body’s own production of melatonin (after the menopause, you don’t produce as much so it doesn’t matter, so she explained).

    Also tips I’ve heard so that you produce more melatonin “naturally” – more magnesium, as someone has already said, eating pineapple, oranges or bananas two hours before bed and getting outside for a short walk at lunchtime (in the sun, theoretically …). And bad news for me:

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    If you find anything that works, let me know!

    I also fall asleep quickly, but after an initial 2 hours, I then go through a permenant sleep-wake-sleep-wake cycle. I generally see every 20 minutes through from about 1am til 6am and then typically I go into a deep sleep for the last hour before the alarm even goes off. Often I wake straight from R.E.M. and suffer sleep paralysis. I also have interstitial cystitis so have a very close nightly relationship with my toilet, which doesn’t help.
    By the time the alarm goes off in the morning, I am absolutely wrecked. Apparently I have a problem with the part of the brain that does sleep-wake cycles but as yet they haven’t been able to find a drug to control it.

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