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    For the past 2/3 weeks I’ve noticed that when I lie flat on my back in bed for more than 10/15 mins I get a very severe pain right in the middle of my lower back. It’s so painful that it makes me gasp and I have to carefully turn round (I’m generally a stoic type lol) it also makes me limp really badly for the first half a dozen steps if I need to get straight out of bed. I am absolutely fine for the rest of the day, not a hint of a pain, and I do all my usual daily activities. It’s very strange. Anyone any experience of anything like this? I will mention it to my doctor next time I’m there but from previous experience I can’t imagine they will be much help. Or would it be a physio thing? It’s definitely a minor thing in the grand scheme of things because it disappears quickly but at the time it’s really excruciating. Also, I am currently 19/20 weeks pregnant (dates tbc as last scan measured a week ahead) this may or may not be applicable but thought it was worth mentioning. First pregnancy so I dunno if it’s related at all.

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    Yes I get it when my lower back has got too compressed. I will get back ache when trying to lie on my back and when I get up from my bed or from sitting at my desk will be in a lot of pain and either have to stand there and stretch upwards until it wears off or limp really badly for a few steps. Laying in the recovery position helps as does regular chiro. I often find it is caused by tension and stress along with not enough exercise due to long hours at work.

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      Yea sounds very similar! Tension and stress may well play a part actually, have had a fair bit of that these last 7/8 weeks
      The exercise is a good point too I’m only really going for a short walk with the dog and sorting horses whereas before I would have been riding most days too. I will try and up the activity for a bit and see if that helps. Thanks!

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    By the sounds of it, you might have Sciatica which is caused by compression of the Sciatic Nerve. It is very common after pregnancy and usually goes away within 4-8 weeks. Taking painkillers can only get you so far with this. When I had Sciatica after suffering from a slipped disc I found wearing a lower back to help support and realign my back to help ease the pressure of the Sciatic Nerve really helped. You can buy a postpartum support for this here

    Hope this helps and you get it sorted!

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