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    I’m on day 9 of the worst cold I have ever endured! All that’s left now is a highly irritating dry cough and horrendous chest/shoulder pain (presumably caused by constant severe coughing). I still spend most of the day feeling rotten and exhausted and have almost zero appetite.
    I’ve been to the walk in centre a couple of days ago and they said they thought it was viral and that though lymph nodes swollen etc. there was no indication of a chest infection.
    I just want it to GO AWAY, especially as it is Christmas Eve tomorrow!! Any advice??

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    Echinacea and vitamin c plus a good cough medicine…hope you’re feeling better soon.

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    I had the same or similar cold virus last year and yes I know, it’s an absolute beast, you have all my sympathy!

    I can recommend something for the cough…fresh pineapple juice (well as fresh as you can get, if not a carton will do) mixed with honey and a sprinkle of salt.
    I know it sounds weird, a friend told me about it and I was quite sceptical but it honestly works.
    Hope you recover very soon.

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    We’re in week 3 in our house. Hubby about 3 days ahead of me – I’ve got the “40 a day” cough right now.

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    Rest as much as you can and drink plenty of water and orange juice. I had a bad cold last year that was probably actually flu and my breathing didn’t get back to normal for months… couldnt laugh or walk and talk without coughing. I didn’t rest enough cos I had just started a new job and didn’t take enough days off cos I as worried about first impressions. Rest rest rest.

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    Cut down on lactose as much as you can.

    We’re all lactose intolerant to some extent so our immune systems are always dealing with it. If you can cut down the lactose you’ll free up more immune system to fight the virus.

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    I’ve got it too and have had a horrendous cough for about 4 weeks now – I always get a bad cough with even a mild cold though, the doctors don’t know why despite trying chest X-rays, antibiotics and steroids on me

    The only thing that works for me to stop me coughing is codeine linctus – it is absolutely brilliant!!! The codeine stops the ‘tickle’ in your throat. I’m so pleased my GP recommended it, if you are OK with codeine then do get some, you won’t be disappointed

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    The only thing that works for me to stop me coughing is codeine linctus – it is absolutely brilliant!!! The codeine stops the ‘tickle’ in your throat. I’m so pleased my GP recommended it, if you are OK with codeine then do get some, you won’t be disappointed

    @mick That does make sense. Codeine is very similar chemically to morphine (and heroin!). Morphine was first used in cough medicine because it supresses the cough reflex.

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    I currently have this too and I’m on my last day of antibiotics and steroids (I’m asthmatic) with no sign of it clearing. It’s horrible

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    I had a cold/flu for two weeks and the cough has lingered in to the third week now :/ I tried all sorts of over the counter meds and nothing really worked apart from Asda Max Strength cold and flu. Nothing touched the cough although amazingly I didn’t seem to cough overnight!

    I put Vicks vapor rub on my feet and chest overnight but the best thing for my cough was to drink lots of hot water/lemon and honey, that pretty much stopped it bar a few random coughs.

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    I caught this once, shook it off – then it came back to get me!

    Thursday morning absolutely floored me – couldn’t get out of bed, let alone function normally. Slight respite Friday and Saturday, now its well and truly got hold of me again.

    I NEVER get colds, but this is an evil b~gger – the congestion and headache is incredible and nothing seems to be touching it….

    Self medicated last night with a large dollop of Bells to try and get some sleep as had little more than an hour at a time in the last 3 days.

    Seriously tempted by some of that codine phosphate stuff if I can find any.

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    Thanks everyone, not that I’m glad to hear others are ill to but I rarely
    catch a cold and on the rare occasion I do I’m generally over it within a week so this has been a real eye opener! Might try codeine cough stuff but am a bit scared as not great with codeine in any other form. Thanks again and hope everyone’s feeling better soon.

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    Take Echinacea as well as Zinc tablets if I get that tickliy feeling at the back of your throat/nose that tells you something unpleasant is on it’s way. Usually by the next day it’s gone completely. My girlfriend went down with a real nasty one a few months ago, she also dosed herself up with Echinacea and it knocked it out, it’s good stuff. Hope you feel better soon!

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    i dont get colds either so when my friend went down with one i thought i would be ok…WRONG!!!!! i started mine in the second week of november and the head cold was awful, could hardly breathe and the cough was pretty bad as well. thought i was almost ok last week and it feels like the head cold is coming back… i hope not…..good luck to everyone else who is suffering…

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    I am on day 6 it started with a chesty cough then the most horrific fever no appetite and zero appetite I just started to feel remotely human yesterday, I have been taking ibuprofen rubitassin cough syrup and hot steaming with olbas oil and without all that I don’t think I would have survived, it was the cold shivers and burning up at night it was terrible never felt so bad the broken ankle was easy compared to this week.

    I hope everyone else starts to feel better so you have a decent enough day tomorrow xx

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    Chris B

    This is my dad’s recipe to cure a cold:

    Take a RAW clove of garlic, and chop it up and put it between two sides of bread. Eat!

    At same time, consume mixture of Whiskey, Brandy & Gin, plus some Grated Ginger (raw) added in, and warmed. As much as needed!

    He swears by it.

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    Once I went into our local Indian takeaway with a streaming cold once and the owner swore by making a tea with a couple of cloves of garlic – he even got me a couple out of the kitchen for me whilst I was waiting and it worked a treat 🙂

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