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    I recently bought godaddy shared hosting for £100 a year and it is garbage! So I thought I would just post my reasons why you should use godaddy hosting.

    On of the biggest problems is that their hosting struggles even with a simple wordpress site (without much traffic or files) with constant random errors and restrictions. For example the WordPress media up loader does not work properly. When uploading images no matter how big or small the image are random http 500 errors will stop you from uploading your images for no reason. Godaddy also disable so many hosting options to save on resources such as php version and which breaks things such as javascript. This means in wordpress (for my site at least) I cannot delete comments, plug ins, themes in the wordpress dashboard using the bulk edit because of this making managing my site very frustrating.
    Godaddy hosting is also extremely slow this is because godaddy jam packed their servers full of websites in order to make the biggest profit.. this is good for them but bad for your site as it slows down your site and can even get google to blacklist your site in google if a spam site is hosted on the same server. All these sites also increase your chance of email providers blocking emails from your server as well. What is more the FTP is very slow to upload and download files (side effect to this makes it hard to backup your website and move host when you have had enough if godaddys appalling hosting).

    In other words Godaddy hosting sucks and should be avoided instead I would go for a better webhosting service such as siteground compared to godaddy it is miles better trust me!

    If you have had a bad experience with godaddy post below and warn others not to use them (with a bit of luck they will go out of business and wont be able to scam people any more!)

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    Godaddy is useless and I would not touch them with a barge pole after my experience. With their EXPENSIVE shared hosting plan I struggled to host a small wordpress site without getting constant “white screens of death”. Godaddy also uses bait and switch tactics (highly unethical).. luring you in with super cheap offers and then bumping up the price 10x and charging you without you realizing it a year later. They make it super hard thanks to their super slow ftp to migrate as well. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

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    I am slowly moving all my website off Godaddy because they are SCAMMERS. Also the CEO of Godaddy Bob Parson kills elephants for fun because he is a sicko

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