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    If you are thinking about getting virgin media then think again. It is an appalling service that will just leave you out of pocket and stressed to the max.

    After moving to a new house I decided to get virgin media as my previous broadband provider BT was not available in my area. Compared to BT virgin media is a lot more expensive but promises super fast broadband and comes with extra television channels to watch…LIES!

    Here are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t use Virgin media:

    -virgin media is meant to be super fast 5g but its just slow and nowehere near the speeds they promise.

    -Virgin media will regularly just shut off leaving you with no access to the internet for days at a time. Calling virgin media’s helpline on their premium rate number is next to useless as they will often refuse to acknowledge that there is a a problem with your area… meaning you just have to wait it out hoping that the internet will come back on eventually.

    -They give you a statistic ip which means that you ip does not change ever. This is both a security and privacy risk. If you ip for whatever reason makes it onto a online blacklist you may find that you are unable to access most of the internet with no means of changing your ip.

    -If you like online gaming the avoid at all costs. It is rubbish from online gaming because of the poor connection and regular causese multiplayer games to freeze and disconnect on a regular basis making them unplayable.

    -Don’t get me started on the tv channels. Virgin media tv has next to no choice.. unless you like watching the same old documentaries over and over again on obscure channels virgin media simply is not worth the money. After cancelling my tv subscription virgin media had the audacity to not just shut off all the extra channels but also FREE ones too including e4 hd, itvbe hd..

    If you had similar poor experience with virgin media post below and let others know just how terrible they are.

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    I recently moved from virgin meida, the broadband is the worst ever and their staff on the phone are so rude.

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    I used to have broadband with them and have since moved because it was really bad. I moved half way into my contract because couldn’t take how bad they were any longer. The broadband would be constantly down and when it wasn’t down it was a terribly slow connection. The customer service was also pretty bad all you got was a premium rate phone number that got you in touch with someone from India who’s best advice is to try turning it off and on again. I would not recommend them to anyone, not worth the stress or money.

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