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    Warning do not ever buy a lenovo computer! Save you money and by something good instead.

    Recently I bought a lenovo desktop computer from ebuyer to replace my old 8 year old one and I honestly wished I kept my old one because this new one that I have bought is complete rubbish and is actually far SLOWER than my old one that was packed full of programs and files!

    As soon as I turned it on I knew that it was rubbish… the CPU was running at near 100% on the first start up. One of the reasons for this is because lenovo packs their computer full of bloatware, adware and spyware on all their computers that are near impossible to get rid of)! This was not a good sign. Another reason as to why my computer was so slow was because it was made from cheapest cruddiest parts possible for example Lenovo uses intel hd graphics cards their computers instead of Nvidia ones… Intel hd graphics cards are useless and will struggle to play even age of empires without freezing and lagging… Yep! Thats right I cannot even play game likes age of empires or empire earth without problems on my new computer. If you try to put a new game in this computer like fallout 4 this computer will not even attempt to try to run it and will litrally have a fit and will just display a black screen. FUN! It is totally useless.

    Even just browsing the internet is impossible with a lenovo computer because if you open firefox and open up a few too many tabs ie 20+ your whole computer starts to lag and slow down… until eventually everything becomes unresponsive and firefox crashes because your computer just cannot take it any more!

    Denied a refund.

    But what really gets my goat is the fact that I was not allowed to return this crappy computer for a refund even though the computer is not fit for purpose because it is just too slow!

    I bought the dumb computer from ebuyer however they told me that the only way I was going to get a refund was if I contacted lenovo support and if they confirmed that their was a fault with my computer. After being on hold for 2 hours I finally got through to lenovo’s support who were rude and very dismissive of everything I had to say. Over the phone using their clairvoyant powers the lenvo support team siad that their was nothing wrong with my computer (I guess lenovo computers are just crap then!), this meant ebuyer would not give me a refund and I had wasted £300 on a rubbish computer that was worse than an 8 year old one!

    I am not the only one who has had major problems with lenovo and think that they are rubbish. If you look on trust pilot you will see tons of negative 1 star reviews all saying how bad this company is!


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