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    Anyone else had this injury? How long did it take to mend?

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    I damaged mine, I couldn’t brush or wash my hair, do my bra up etc.

    It took months, I had physio and visited an oesteopath. I also did pilates which made a huge difference to my whole posture. I was advised not to wash windows, the car, do ironing nor vaccuming. As a result my hubby was trained in the art of switching on the hoover.

    Years later I can still feel it ache if I do too much with my arm up high.

    I hope you made a good recovery.

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    Mine was caused by the ends of my collar bone being too long and cutting into the rotator cuff. It required surgery, which took six months and lots of physio to be completely better. I was unlucky that the other shoulder was similarly affected and had to have the surgery on that one too. Very painful post surgery for about 6 weeks, but had to be done or else the tendons would have severed meaning a body cast! Full function was restored and I’ve had no further problems. Both shoulders I had several full thickness tears and some partial ones.
    I would recommend getting x rayed as I had physio pre diagnosis which caused more damage due to the cause of mine being the bones being too long.

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    Have you had an mri ? Mr hubby tore his and needed surgery – but nhs took a year or more to get to the point of having mri and diagnosing the full extent of the damage.
    6 weeks recovery and now has full use of the shoulder 🙂

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    I did mine very badly, and it took about two years total. I’d say it’s still not quite back to what it was, even a bit later still.

    Assuming you don’t need surgery on yours, if you’ve not already been referred to a physio, definitely ask to be. Of all the things I did for my shoulder, the physio was the lifesaver for me, and really did get it healing.

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    Mine did not sorry – fell running on road 2 years ago and I landed on my shoulder on the side, fracture and tear, now I cannot raise my arm more than level with shoulder without excruciating pain, and pain every day when I hang rugs – change light bulbs – put deodorant etc it is totally wrecked now. I hope your’s heals better than mine.

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    My OH did (along with some other issues in same area) while playing rugby. After 3 years of no improvement he had it operated on and then it healed very well. After the op he had it in a sling and wasn’t able to use that arm for 8 weeks after the op and then had physio and has gradually built it back up with weights

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    Repetitive movements (whilst applying even the slightest pressure to the arm/shoulder) really set me up for pain for days. I also wake up most nights in pain when I have turned on to my side in my sleep. Fortunately I can get back to sleep pretty quickly once I have adjusted my position.

    @cam Yes, the arm up high is a nightmare! The chiropractor is really helping, not just with the shoulder, but also with keeping my whole posture in check.

    @jam Fortunately mine isn’t as bad an injury as some of you describe. I haven’t had an MRI. Have Physio exercises to do, massage, chiropractor and going to try acupuncture too. I’m hoping that these things combined will sort me out without having to escalate to steroid injections or surgery.
    Hope everyone else is doing ok.

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    Im currently struggling with a full thickness tear of the supraspinatus tendon. Had an Mri scan then had to wait three months to see a consultant. So it appears it needs repaired but been told at least four months recovery . Given, I am self employed, doing a physical job, I have opted to leave it for now. Still managing okay but sleeping on it can be very painful. An x ray showed irregularities on my humerous so looks like arthritis has started to set in. Think my only option will be a shoulder replacement in ten years time.

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    Are you sure it’s a tear? Have you had it scanned? I only ask as I’ve spent the best part of two months with an unusuable shoulder with numerous people going ‘it’s probably a tear’ especially as I felt something go when I did it, only to find that I’ve got a severe case of bursitis, rather than any form of muscle/tendon tear. Physio actually referred me via my gp I was in so much pain.

    Had an ultrasound and steroid injection almost three weeks ago and my god the difference, especially when I ride, is huge.

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