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    Does anyone have them regularly? Or had one?

    Chatting to my brother, who has them regularly, and he marvelled how I spend so much money on physio and Osteo and things for the horses, yet I continue to walk around in agony without a second thought.

    So I have booked myself in for a sports massage tomorrow morning. The last time I had a massage was about 15 years ago. I was given a voucher for a neck and shoulder massage at a spa and it was the most horrifically painful 45 minutes. The lady actually asked me if I’d ever been in a car crash because she’d only ever seen muscles in that state after an accident (I hadn’t!). Every second was like torture so I’m really hoping tomorrow isn’t quite that bad!

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    Yes indeed, about every 6 weeks – I get an hour for £40 and it is the best £40 I ever spend 🙂

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    Best thing I ever did (and this is no exaggeration) is find a good physio. I hobbled about for years on a dodgy ankle (swollen Achilles tendon) and just put up with the pain. Running for more than an hour was agony. I eventually went to the GP as I thought surgery would be my only option – the tendon was the size of a golf ball by then. I was referred to a GOOD physio – I had seen crappy ones over the years and I never looked back!!

    Make sure it’s massage you need – have you actually had your pain diagnosed by a doctor? I’m not being nosey but you need to know where the real problem is first. Sports massage can’t really do any harm but it could be someone more aggressive you need

    It’s definitely true that we don’t think twice about spending a fortune on new clothes, shoes, handbags… meanwhile we walk around in pain, time to take care of yourself now.

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    I started going for sports massage just before christmas and I actually can’t believe what a difference it’s made. I have a pin in my femur from a break 15 years ago and it’s given me issues ever since with pain around the knee, I’ve had several surgeries, loads of physio and been the gp lots of times and basically told I was as fixed as I was going to get so just do more exercise to strenghten the leg and ignore it. Unfortunately too much exercise leaves me hobbling round in agony!

    I went and got my gait analyzed in November to try and improve my pain and the guy there suggested a sports massage might help. I had no clue what that involved or what to expect but found a lady local to me and she is fab. I’ve barely had any knee pain since I started going, I have an hour about once a month, and I’m able to do the stretches in between to maintain it. My partner, mum and dad now all go to her too as they were so impressed.

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