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    From an interview with Jeremy Corbyn in Grazia magazine.

    Asked if he ever sang “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” – the chant that followed him wherever he went over the summer – in the shower, he revealed an apparent fondness for a 50-year-old biker anthem by American rockers Steppenwolf.

    “I’m more likely to sing Born To Be Wild,” said the Labour leader.

    Born to be Wild, honestly Jeremy? Whats your thoughts on jezza?

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    Why the cynicism?

    I never thought I’d particularly like Michael Gove for anything, but he’s against the way Sheffield’s trees are being managed.

    Humans are un-guess-able

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    Born to be Wild, honestly Jeremy?

    Yes, Jeremy means wild in the same sense as bulgur wheat, lentils and missionary position are wild.

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    Quite mild mannered possibly but the way he has tried ( and succeed to some extent), to shift the consensus away from the middle/right and back to the middle/left has been the biggest and bravest move in British politics in the last decade.

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