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    Yesterday morning I broke a back molar, been in agony with it cutting my tongue until my emergency appointment this afternoon. I am petrified of dentists having been shouted and sworn at by the last one I saw when I was 13, and managed to avoid them since so this was super stressful and I threw up in the waiting room – the shame!

    The emergency dentists were great and it wasn’t too bad -it took about 20 minutes for the op but 5 injections to numb it, I have issues with anesthetic not working. Really high dose, the last thing they said was if it didn’t work I’d need a general.

    Trouble is, I was in too much of a state to listen to the aftercare talk and I’ve lost my piece of paper. I am in a lot of pain mainly from my jaw, and I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday morning so I’m feeling ravenous and the anesthetic has done it’s normal thing and scrambled my brain so I’m been crying continuously for an hour now while watching the room swirl around me. Currently on my own but someone will be back later tonight and will probably find my sheet of paper!

    Anyone gone through this and want to assure me I’ll probably live? Anything I can eat tomorrow without wanting to die? I know moving will probably get the drugs out sooner but I’m worried if I move too much I’ll disrupt the clot.

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    I had a wisdom tooth out in July, and ate soft food for 3 days, just tepid. Kept fairly soft for 7 days.

    I only loosely swooshed with salt water for a day, then brushed the other teeth, and after 3 days switched to Corsodyl mouthwash when cleaning.

    The most important thing is to not disturb the blood clot in the hole where your tooth was. Google tooth extraction, I got more information off that than I did from the dentist!

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    Salt water and liquids until it settles, plus pain relief

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    Whatever you do, watch you don’t disturb the clot or you’ll develop dry socket. It’s horrifically painful.

    Don’t use a straw to drink as the sucking motion actually dislodges the clot more easily.

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    I had a back molar extracted last year. From memory don’t drink alcohol or smoke for 24 hours, or use a straw (sucking can displace the clot). Don’t rinse your mouth out for 24 hrs then gently rinse after eating with a salt water solution. Take paracetamol if needed, I think you can take ibuprofen but not as sure on this. When brushing teeth keep away from area and don’t fiddle with extraction with your tongue. I let my food and drink cool a lot before eating/drinking and only ate soft foods for a couple of days, don’t eat rice it’s impossible to keep from extraction site 🙁

    Well done for getting through it. I’m also terrified of dentists and extractions especially so know how you feel.

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    No help Op sorry but –
    My filling came out leaving only the outter wall on Wednesday I booked an appointment yesterday and she removed the wobbly wall and said the only thing left is to leave it as is with just root – a false tooth or a implantement which would cost £ 2000. So I opted for falsy so next week need to go have an appointment to mold the tooth by. My one is the first molar so I chew on it and won’t want a gap, the tooth has been de nerved already so no pain.

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    Sadly I feel your pain. I had two teeth out a few months ago. As others have said do not rinse out for 24hrs, then when you do, rinse out twice a day with warm salt water. It really is revolting. Try to keep your tongue away, as tempting as it maybe to feel it.

    Keep to soft foods so you don’t have to chew. Painkillers will help with discomfort. If the area starts throbbing get to your dentist pronto.

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    When I had my wisdom teeth extracted at the Dental hospital, the advice was only to sip cold or at the most tepid drinks for the first few days as anything hotter can disturb the clot.

    Also if its an upper molar, try to avoid blowing your nose hard as it can sometimes rupture between the top of the tooth socket and your sinus – this happened to my brother and was pretty painful….

    If its very painful then for a couple of days keep topping up your painkillers as per dosage instructions on the packet rather than waiting for the painkillers to wear off before taking the next dose.

    I hope you get over it quickly!

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