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    I am wanting to buy something from America (only can get it from America). Seeing as Uk and us have different electrics I don’t want to overload it and blow it up. I am no electrician.. with this sort of thing my knowledge only stretches as far as how many prongs on a plug. Do I need just a power plug converter or do I need a converter that will change our UK voltage (I think its 230volts in uk right?) to US 110 volts..

    On the product page someone asked the question (most likely in the same boat as me)…

    “Does this work with 220v AC power source? or only 110v”

    and got the answer “Will work with 110v & 2440v AC. The input specified on the LED driver supplied with unit is 85 – 260V. Works fine for me on 240v.”

    Whilst others are saying on the questions and answers section that you need a voltage converter. To be on the safe side what converter do I get? Also are watts important? The product doesn’t specify how many watts the product uses???

    Help would be just super! Thank you!

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    Can’t you contact the manufacturer? They will be able to tell you the rating.

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    Assuming the product is halfway legal in the US or here, it should have the important information written on it. Try to get a photo showing the ratings label. It will probably say something like “90-250V, 50-60Hz”, in which case all you need is a physical adapter to fit a UK plug. If it says something else, post that here, and someone will tell you what you need.

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